Taylor Swift and Katy Perry bury the hatchet with a plate of biscuits

A handful of biscuits like every peace pipe. With a photograph of an overflowing dish with more than two dozen of these candies has wanted to prove Katy Perry that his long enmity with the singer also Taylor Swift is dead and buried.

The tense anger between the two is public and comes from afar, but Perry has settled it through that photo, which has titled "Feels Good" ("Pint bien"), in a double direction to the biscuits and to their retaken relationship with Swift, which has tagged in the image to be clar or to whom the message was addressed. To give more intent to the matter, has dated the photo in a (evidently nonexistent) place that has called "Let's Be Friends", "Be friends". In the cookie plate is read, painted with what looks like syrup: "Peace at Last" ("Peace at Last").

For the joy of those seeking reconciliation in the couple, not only Katy Perry has thrown the glove, but Taylor Swift has deigned to pick it up, answering the picture with a handful of hearts. If the image has achieved more than 1.2 million I like, Swift's hearts heap has gotten close to 70,000 in just 12 hours.

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The history of reconciliation puts an end to a problem which has been cystic for more than five years. Although the pop divas were supposed to have made peace in May 2018 (when Perry sent Swift an olive branch along with a handwritten letter telling him that he would "love to fix Things"), so far no mutual messages had been written or answered Mind and public form. Until now.

It was during the 2012 and 2013 Swift Tour, called Red, when they tore up their problems. According to her, Perry stole a couple of dancers who used to accompany her. However, Perry said in a program of James Corden, the question was not exactly like that. "There were three dancers who went with her on tour, but before I asked permission to do so," told Katy Perry. I said, ' Sure, I don't have a record right now, so go get the job, she's cool and all. But I'm going to have a record more or less in a year, so make sure to put a 30-day notice clause in the contract, in case you want to come back with me when I tell you I'm coming back. ' Then it happened that year and I sent them a message and I said, ' Look, just for your information, I'm going to start [the tour]. ' They said, ' Okay, let's talk to the organization about the matter. ' They did it and they fired them. I tried to talk to her about the subject and she didn't want to. He closed in full band. "

For Swift, however, the question of the dancers was more than that and it was a full-fledged attack: "He basically tried to sabotage me a whole tour. He tried to hire a lot of people on my team without me knowing. I'm not a conflict person, you wouldn't believe how much I hate disputes. So now I have to avoid it. It's uncomfortable, and I don't like it. " All this also seasoned with a personal question: Katy Perry went out for a while with the composer John Mayer, ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift (this one came to dedicate to him the song Dear John).

This misunderstanding with the three dancers was only the beginning of a battle of two singers who came to polarize the public and force them to divide between the one and the other, between #TeamKaty and #TeamTaylor. His enmity came, allegedly, even to the lyrics of his songs, where they attacked each other. Now they will have to look for inspiration in their retaken friendship that may serve them, who knows, even to make future collaborations.

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