Taylor Swift is the world's famous highest pay, says 'Forbes'

With about 164 million euros in the last year,Taylor Swift is the world's highest-grossing celebrity, according to the list published by Forbesmagazine. The publication states that 29-year-old Swift has increased her revenue by 131% compared to the previous year, when she earned about 70 million.

This is the second time that the singer has topped the list of the 100 richest celebrities in the world that the economic magazine makes each year, since in 2016 she also took the top spot, accumulating a profit of 153 million thanks to her 1989 World Tour world tour. /c1>. The artist, who in recent weeks is in the spotlight for her controversy with manager Scooter Braun whom she accuses of buying her music rights, set another record with the tour of her last album, Reputation, which she made from May to November of the year passed and became the most money-raising tour in the United States, according to TMZ.

The singer shares the podium with two members of the Kardashian clan: one of the sisters, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West. The model and entrepreneur, 21 years old, ranks second with 150 million euros that she has accumulated thanks to her successful range of cosmetics. In fact, this was why last March, Forbes also named Kylie Jenner as the richest young woman in the world.

Swift's rapper and famous enemy, Kanye West, ranks third at 133 million. Much of this income comes from its Yeezy shoe collection, which it has in partnership with Adidas, and the clothing line under the same brand.

Footballer Lionell Messi and singer Ed Sheeran are in fourth and fifth place, with 112 and 97 million, respectively. Cristiano Ronaldo stays out of the top five for very little difference with Sheeran. The Portuguese star has amassed 96 million euros in the last year, which was when he joined Juventus after almost a decade playing for Real Madrid. The athlete, top scorer in the Champions League, beats Neymar. The 27-year-old Brazilian ranks seventh with some 93 million euros admitted in 2018.

The Eagles group, performers of the famous song HotelCalifornia, with 88 and TELEVISION interviewer Phil McGraw, with 84 million ranked eighth and ninth, respectively; and Mexican boxer Saúl Canelo Alvarez, with 83 million euros, closes the top ten posts of highest-paid celebrities.

Canadian singer Céline Dion is at the top of the list, with 33 million euros, and this year has not managed to enter any Spaniards, unlike other years, that tennis player Rafa Nadal or driver Fernando Alonso have been part of this reputed lis produced by the economic magazine.

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