Terelu Campos explains how his double mastectomy and reconstruction

Terelu Campos underwent a complicated operation last Saturday: a double mastectomy and the reconstruction of her breasts. An intervention that lasted ten hours. The presenter made the decision to go through the O.R. after last spring suffered a second time breast cancer. Since the Fundación Jiménez Díaz, where she is admitted, she has granted the second part of an interview, via exclusive, to the magazine Lecturas; The first gave her hours before she reached the hospital center.

Before being operated, Terelu Campos confessed: "I'm afraid of the O.R. There are so many hours of operation... but it was important for me to do everything in the same intervention. " Many women first remove their breasts and then rebuild but they ruled out: "Psychologically, I could not. It seemed complicated to me because I am a public person and the fact that I felt very observed overwhelmed me. " Doctors have chosen to use fat from their body to create a new breast. After the operation he confessed that he felt "as if I had been two birds above."

"Everything they remove it analyzes" explains the presenter who analyses that it will have to follow five years more with the treatment of pills: "That is immovable". "The oncologist says I can avoid a metastasis and there is no doubt about that. This operation hasn't been for avoiding chemotherapy. "

Terelu Campos antes de la operación, con su hermana Carmen.Terelu fields before the operation, with her sister Carmen. GTRESONLINE

The host is getting psychological help. "After the operation begins a new stage of acceptance of your body that involves psychological work. It is a cancer that has to be accompanied by help. "

After leaving the hospital after his second surgical intervention, carried out a few days after the news, Terelu Campos already reflected aloud about the possibility of a double mastectomy: "I will make the decision by consulting with the team Doctor. But the other option, instead of taking my breasts, would be 25 or 30 sessions of radiotherapy and five years of hormonal treatment with pills, but who assured me that after I do not appear another tumor? I need some peace. "

The fear with which it does not want to live and the opinion of the doctors have finally pushed to that Terelu fields is done the double mastectomy. "I have made the decision accompanied by my medical team and from there the life will take me along the path I decide, which I hope is good, but I will not go into details. There is something I need to stay in my intimacy, "the presenter confessed during a roundtable organized with the firm Ausonia to talk about cancer and her own experience.

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