' The Colonoscopy club ': the ' parties ' of Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and Martin Short

A party for a birthday or a wedding is most common. To announce a pregnancy or to celebrate an increasingly frequent divorce. But holding a colonoscopy? That is something that can only occur to Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

These last two actors counted during an interview in the program of Jimmy Kimmel that, one year yes and another no, remain to make "parties of the colonoscopy" with Hanks. "There are the Christmas parties and the colonoscopy parties. It's true, "Steve Martin confessed to Kimmel's question about whether she was a true legend.

"We love it. We're going to Steve's house about five o'clock the evening before [the test]. We call it ' the evening of colonoscopy, ' laughed Martin Short, interpreter of Mars attacks!. "We have everything, there is gelatin and little else, because you have to purge yourself. And we toast, "he explained.

Preparation for colonoscopy is not exactly comfortable or enjoyable to share. You have to spend several days eating a specific list of foods recommended by the doctor (in fact, the day before you can only drink fluids) and the previous hours you have to ingest a laxative preparation that helps to empty the belly and forcing you to spend a long time in the B Year.

"We thought it would make it easier. We are all together, we play poker, we see some funny movie and we drink the whole thing, "recounted Steve Martin, protagonist of the Pink Panther or the father of the bride. But Martin Short wanted to give it a touch of realism... and humor. "What surprises you about Steve, and that which is a rich man, is that no one would imagine that only a bath. For the ten o'clock in the evening the baths seem like those of a cruiser two weeks later, "commented among laughter, not without a scatological point:" In the end it seems a picture of Jackson Pollock ".

In addition to having a good time, Short (of 68 years), Martin (of 72) and Hanks (of 61) help to raise awareness on the importance of going through these tests. "We believe that everyone at our age, at a certain age, has to have a colonoscopy. I think as from 50, "Martin said.

The next day, everyone goes to the car together to get tested. On the way they play cards and the loser has to wait and will be the last to take the test. When all is over and the tests are over, the friends are going together to binge.