The cost of the Royal House is billed to the monarchy in the Netherlands

The annual monarchy surveys commissioned by Dutch public Television (NOS) and responding to some 500 people reveal data in the face. On the one hand, the citizens ' support for the institution has declined between 18 and 34 years, which amounted to 2018 55%, when in 2007 it reached 70%. Meanwhile, Republican sentiment stagnates by 15%. On the other, the Kings, Guillermo and Maxim, are still very popular and obtain, respectively, a 7.5 and an 8 of note for their work.

Ipsos, the market research firm author of the surveys analyzed as a whole now by television, attributed the decline of the data to the high expenses of the Royal House. The reigning couple and the former Queen Beatriz receive a total of 8.4 million euros a year, a budget to be expanded in 2021 when Amalia, the Crown Princess, turns 18 and has a personal budget of 1.5 million euros.

On April 27th, Guillermo Alejandro de Orange will be 52 years old and the whole country is already preparing for the celebrations of the Day of the King, National Festival. The question of the survey reads as follows: "Holland [The Netherlands is the official name] is a kingdom with a sovereign as Head of State. What do you think is best: to continue being a monarchy or to become a republic with a president elected as Head of State? " Public television has analyzed the responses obtained since 2007 and has found in turn that 68% of participants between 35 and 55 years supported the monarchy in 2018. 11 years Ago, it was 77% of the same age group. Over 55 years, approval is around 80%. In Ipsos point out that although "the arrival of Guillermo Alexander to the throne in 2013 predicted a rejuvenation that could have attracted the young, is not reflected in these results."

Guillermo y Máxima de Holanda, con sus hijas Ariane (izquierda), Amalia (centro) y Alexia (derecha), en abril de 2017.Extend photo Guillermo and Maxim of Holland, with his daughters Ariane (left), Amalia (center) and Alexia (right), in April 2017. CORDON PRESS

The cost of the Royal House has been marked as the main cause motivating the new figures of support to this institution, usually very dear among the Dutch. Guillermo and Maxim keep intact their personal popularity, which guarantees their work. Anyway, the budget for the Monarchs and the Today Princess Beatriz is considered very high in the generations between 18 and 24 years attending the questions of Ipsos.

The King receives 5.8 million yearly, the Queen one million, and Beatriz, mother of the sovereign, 1.6 million. As for Princess Amalia, the Dutch Congress demanded in 2016 transparency to the Government on the accounts of the Royal House on its future salary. Of the nearly 1.5 million, 00 Euros per year, you will be able to use 263,000 for your needs, which most members considered excessive. Her parents prefer that the young woman devote herself to her studies and that she does not have official obligations until she is of age.

The Royal couple is also frequent white of criticisms on their land for their investments in holiday villas. In 2009, they had to sell one in Mozambique because of their remoteness and travel and security costs. In 2012, they bought another house in Greece for 4.5 million euros, censored by the conditioning works to preserve their privacy and create a private beach. And in January 2019, the Dutch Social Democratic Party requested explanations from the center-right Executive for a supposed tax fraud related to the payments of land acquired by the Queen consort in Patagonia. However, the Republicanism totaled 2007 14%, according to Ipsos ' own data, and at 2018 15%.

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