The director of ' Something happens with Mary ' apologizes for showing the penis to Cameron Diaz

Director Peter Farrelly was on top of the world last Sunday, after his last film, Green Book, was awarded the Golden Globe as best comedy or musical film. However, the joy did not last long, because days later an article of Newsweek was disclosed revealing an unusual practice that the filmmaker carried out in front of several actresses: to show his penis.

According to the original article, written in July 1998, the director of something happened to Mary was looking for different maneuvers so that they would fall into the trap of looking at her genitals. "You may think you're going to examine a mysterious stain on Peter's torso, or check his new watch, but the reality is much more shocking," he reads in the publication. A joke to which at the time, not even the Cameron Diaz itself gave much importance. "When a director shows you his penis the first time you know him, you have to recognize that he is a creative genius," the actress then said to the magazine. A reaction that I would repeat later in The Sunday Times. "We were in a restaurant and Peter Farrelly showed me his penis. That was enough, actually. He got a positive response, "The interpreter commented on what led her to accept the role in comedy.

Maybe at the time the situation was funny to the protagonists, but 20 years later this practice, which according to Farrelly made "more than 500 times", has caused a great indignation. "It's true. He was an idiot, "the filmmaker admitted through his representative last Wednesday to the Cutmagazine, which was the one who resurrected the old articles of 1998. "I did it decades ago and I thought I was being funny, but the truth is, now I feel ashamed. I'm very sorry, "he added.

This gesture was not limited to women. Newsweek also quotes Tom Rothman, then executive of the Fox network, who also claimed to have seen the director's penis. "It wasn't a nice thing to see. In fact, I'm still recovering, "he joked then. When the filmmaker was asked about it, also in 1998, by Nicola Barker in the British newspaper the Observer, Farrelly said: "It's a joke. Not that I spend the day waving my penis and saying, ' Look! ' It is a joke in which Bob [his brother] says: ' Peter has gone mad. He bought a new belt for 500, 000. To what I answer: ' Bob, it's an investment, it's not that bad. ' Finally, he says to me, ' let me see it, ' After what I lift my shirt and show it hanging there. "

Peter Farrelly, known for films like two very foolish Fools (1994) and Blind Love (2001) won three Golden Globes last Sunday, and has earned seven nominations to the Critics's Choice Awards and three to the SAG awards thanks to the film Green Book. The predictions suggest that this film, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, will have nominations also for the Oscars.

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