The ex-husband of Gina Lollobrigida manages to convict Javier Saavedra for fraud

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of six months of imprisonment and two and a half years of professional disqualification for attorney Javier Saavedra, understanding that conned and did not know legally represent the couple of Gina Lollobrigida , the businessman Francisco Javier Rigau. He hired him to sue various media for violation of his right to honor.

The judgement, of which Judge Pablo Llarena Conde has been the rapporteur, has only partially estimated the resources presented by Saavedra himself and the lawyer of Rigau. It requested that it be raised to two and a half years the debarment for the condemned one and that it would rise to 3,240 euros the fine to appreciate the continuation criminal in the offence of professional disloyalty. In the case of Saavedra, the High Court considers that the mitigation of undue delay in both offences should be applied since the procedure did not justify at any time that it was delayed for about ten years. Of course, this assessment does not Mean that the sentence is reduced, as in the case of the scam the legal minimum of six months was applied.

This judgement of the Supreme Court maintains the evidence collected in the judgment dictated by the Provincial Hearing. These recognize that the employer hired Saavedra to the barrage of criticism he had received in various media for his relationship with actress Gina Lollobrigida. The order was to bring lawsuits in which were requested between 200,000 and 300,000 euros. The lawyer came to do it, but on all occasions the demands failed. Sometimes because they were irregularly present; Others, because it was desisted from the pretensions; and others because they received unfavorable sentences following Saavedra's judicial malpractice.

At other times, the employer was defended by Teresa García Aparicio, a lawyer who represented him on a score of occasions and did not get to collect at any time for it, according to the judges. All This meant that Rigau was condemned in all proceedings.

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