The first spin-off Game of Thrones will be a prequel and already underway

El primer spin-off de Juego de Tronos será una precuela y ya está en marcha 0

It has been a year since started to hear about future spin-offs of Game of Thrones, the incomparable success of HBO. Already then the network announced to be working with an extensive group of writers, always with the supervision of George R. R Martin, in up to five different ideas for these new series set in the world of Westeros. It was today when, after months of waiting and speculation, HBO has commissioned the production of the pilot episode of the first of these spin-offs.

We are talking about a prequel centered in a time close to the age of the heroes created by Jane Goldman, screenwriter of Kingsman and Kick-Butt, and Martin himself; She will be the showrunner and scriptwriter of the series but, as happens with Game of Thrones, R. R Martin also write some chapters and, the bases of the story are being developed jointly. Thus, it is clear that this is not a series in which already known characters are going to have room since it will be set hundreds of years before the events that narrates the series.

HBO has claimed that its new production will deal with "a world that, as the age of Heroes, falls at its lowest point." And, they say, "One thing is certain: from the gruesome secrets of the history of westerly to the true origin of the White Walkers going through the mysteries of the East or the legendary Stark, This is not the story we believe to know." A premise that makes it difficult to know in what exact period the series will be placed or which characters are starring but that, no doubt, manages to create interest.

Javier Monfort

Source: hypertextual