The Highest queen of Holland recovers from "a minor operation"

Maxim, the Queen consort of Holland, is recovering from a "minor operation" and will need rest. The intervention was scheduled and took place last week, but the Royal House information Service has made it public this Friday to justify its absence on an annual date. This Is the day when the sovereigns, Princess Beatriz and other members of the family, participate as volunteers in a campaign baptized as Holland collaborates.

Maxim was to accompany her husband, King William, to a farm for children's games, and he has assured that "everything is going very well and not to worry; In a few days he'll be back. " The nature of the operation to which it has been submitted has not been revealed, nor the care it requires. Just a "It's better not to move too much yet," generic.

It is Not the first time that the Dutch Queen has health problems. In November 2018, he cancelled all his commitments for three weeks because of an intestinal infection. Among them was a trip to Tanzania as the UN Special Counsel for Inclusive Financing and Development, but it did not rushed the sick leave. At Twelve days he was back to inaugurate the Debt Lab, designed to prevent vulnerable groups from losing their savings. Then, the spokesmen of the Royal House did explain that Maxim followed a treatment and rest.

In 2015, an acute kidney infection brought her back from the State visit that the Dutch royal couple made to China. Just landed, he entered the hospital because the antibiotics and prescription painkillers did not alleviate the back pain he suffered. According To The Dutch media, he had a pyelonephritis, an inflammation of the kidney that can cause fever, nausea, vomiting, and blood in the urine. "It Would Have been much more fun to be here with her, but she sends her regards to all of you," added King William this Friday before helping in the construction of a kindergarten.

Guillermo and Maxim have three daughters — Amalia, aged 15 and heir to the throne; Alexia, 13, and Ariadna, about to turn 12 — and last February they celebrated their 17 years married. Next April the couple will be six years on the throne of the country, becoming the first kings of their generation to happen, in Europe, their parents. The couple is immensely popular in their country. According To published studies the spring of 2018 on the occasion of the five years of its ascent to the throne, 85% of the citizens consider that the king is a man "committed, close, open and natural". Plus, Maxim's still the royal family's favorite. "She'S a special woman, and I'm amazed she's with me," her husband said about her on occasion.

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