The husband of the ' Red Duchess ' is the father of a servant's daughter

"I feel immense joy. I knew it was true, I always went with the truth ahead... what a great joy. " They are the words of Rosario Bermudo, of 67 years, after a judge has given him the reason and has certified that his father was José Leoncio González de Gregorio y Martí, husband of the Duchess of Medina Sidonia, Luisa Isabel Álvarez de Toledo and Maura , better known as the Red Duchess. In May 2017, the DNA test already confirmed that Bermudo was the result of a relationship between the aristocrat Madrid and Rosario Muñoz, who worked as a servant in the farm that the family had in Badajoz. "My mother told me that they were both very much in love, and that he knew that she became pregnant when she was about 18 years old," recalls Bermudo. The lawyer of which is the firstborn of González de Gregorio, Fernando Osuna, estimates that his client has an inheritance of about two million euros.

The silence that his mother kept for decades was broken about five years ago by Bermudo, who managed that, in June 2015, a judge ordered the exhumation of the remains of González de Gregorio, deceased in 2008, of the family pantheon in Quintana Redonda (Soria). The exhumation did not occur until almost two years later. And in May 2017, the DNA test confirmed what Bermudo was saying. "It's been a long and hard five years, but Justice has been done," says the heiress. Now, in its resolution, the holder of the court of First Instance 77 of Madrid mentions that the test of paternity practiced was a coincidence of 99.9%, which leads to "estimate the paternal affiliation of Doña Rosario Bermudo Muñoz regarding Don José Leoncio González de Gregorio y Martí. "

The magistrate also agrees to condemn all his brothers to pay the costs, a decision that has outraged Gabriel González de Gregorio, the third son of González de Gregorio and the Duchess. "We have been condemned only because we are half Sidonia, because paying the costs is tantamount to recognizing that we obstruct the procedure in some way. We are pointed out for being bad citizens, when there was no impediment on our part, "he explains to this diary in telephone conversation. Besides Gabriel, González de Gregorio had with the Duchess Leoncio Alonso and Pilar. He also had Javier with another woman. "We are not opposed to demand, we are not plaintiffs and we are condemned in Costas", he alleges before pointing out that his brothers Pilar and Javier voluntarily submitted to the DNA test. "No one can claim that there has been obstruction of justice," he insists.

Likewise, the son of the Aristocrat understands that the own admission to the process of the demand of paternity is questionable, because as evidence was brought the saliva of his elder brother, Leoncio Alonso, and a family photograph in black and white. "The saliva collected illegally is invalid and during the trial Rosario was not even able to identify his mother in the picture," he says.

After this resolution, Osuna points out that he is in negotiations with the four brothers of Bermudo to reach an agreement on the inheritance. "If we do not get it distributed properly, we will have to go to trial," says Osuna. "I am very happy because at last it has been recognised that I was telling the truth, there are those who did not believe me. And, as for money, I find it very difficult to get such a quantity, "says the daughter, who trusts Osuna in the steps to follow. "If he says you have to go to trial, he goes. I'm in your hands, "says Bermudo.

On this cast, Gabriel González de Gregorio has warned: "I am in favor of recognizing your rights, but the inheritance is another lawsuit that will be very interesting, but that has nothing to do with this." The Benjamin questions the opportunity for Bermudo decided to claim the paternity of his father long after his death and is convinced that the whole procedure is a "lawsuit interested in his inheritance" in which "has proceeded with Discrimination "by their surnames.

This newspaper has tried to contact Leoncio Alonso González de Gregorio, current Duke of Medina Sidonia, but this has refused to make any kind of statement. His lawyer has also declined to pronounce himself.

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