The most exclusive tourist village in Europe is sustainable and is in Ibiza

If you have a daily budget for your summer holidays of 49,000 euros and the group does not exceed 12 people, perhaps you can enjoy a stay where it was crowned last year as the best private tourist town in Europe and one of the six most exclusions Sivas of the world. Sa Ferradura, located on the island of Ibiza, was chosen last November the best holiday estate in Europe and was among the top six in the world ranking in the prizes best Boutique Hotel 2018, which raised the village Resort of Rayong in Thailand as the most prominent private complex in the world.

Sa Ferradura is located in a small peninsula of 35,000 square meters in the Bay of Sant Miquel, 22 kilometers from the city of Ibiza. It is owned by Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of an NBA basketball team, who acquired it in the year 2013 for an unknown price. The house, which appeared in the listings of mansions most expensive in the world to reach a retail price of 33 million euros, had belonged to another Russian citizen who bought it for 22 million in 2006 to a Dutch textile businessman, who acquired it in 1994 by 50 mi Llones of the old pesetas.

La mansión y la piscina de Sa Ferradura.Enlarge photo The mansion and pool of Sa Ferradura.

The villa, which is rented for prices ranging from 220,000 euros per week in low season to 300,000 euros in July and August, was put on the map this last summer with the culinary experiences with reputed chefs organized by the brand of champagne Don Perignon Which turned the place into a kind of outdoor restaurant for several days with a price of 700 euros per menu. It was also the scene of magazine covers with the post-wedding party organized for his friends by footballer Cesc Fábregas weeks after his London liaison with the Lebanese model Daniella Seeman.

Vladimir Putin con el magnate Mikhail Prokhorov, en el Kremlin de Moscú en marzo de 2014.Enlarge photo Vladimir Putin with magnate Mikhail Prokhorov in Moscow Kremlin in March 2014. ALEXEI NIKOLSKY AFP/Getty Images

The estate was originally built as a private house in the late seventies, in a privileged location on a small peninsula that, it is said, served as a refuge for pirates in the 17th century. The house was able to circumvent at that time the law of Costas that years later restricted this type of constructions to 500 meters inland from the shore. After the total renovation of the Russian oligarch, the villa has six rooms with capacity for 12 people, several terraces and open-air areas, a swimming pool of 23 meters and another one nestled in a tropical garden, as well as a gymnasium and a platform of Mixtures for DJs. In addition, it has a staff of 22 employees, from cooks to laundry staff.

Sustainable House

One of the most important aspects of the house is that it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is totally sustainable, allowing it to reuse wastewater for the irrigation system of the gardens and to reduce the environmental waste to the maximum. The reform, which concluded three years ago, has also focused on reducing the lighting impact and on energy efficiency. The villa was refurbished by the architect Jaime Romano, who completed a project to create a modern, Mediterranean-style space based on light colors. The building also has outdoor dining areas, semi-open bathrooms and a decor that integrates typical objects of the Pitiusa culture.

La mansión y la piscina de Sa Ferradura.Enlarge photo The mansion and pool of Sa Ferradura.

This summer the architect Jaime Romano and the Permacultor — a design specialist based on the principles of the natural ecosystem — Marcos Tur presented in an open-door event The 35 works of artists linked to Ibiza that are exhibited in the village. A collection that, according to their own insured, decorates the 975 square meters of the main building and covers the "key artistic moments" of the last 60 years, from the outbreak of the avant-garde to the present day.

After a sieve between 250 works of art galleries of Barcelona, Valencia and London, 70 were selected to be moved to the house and subsequently reduced to 35 to be distributed by the different spaces of the house under the criteria of "decoration, ranges of color and atmosphere, "as Romano explained. Works by artists such as Pedro Asensio, Isabel Echarri, Valeria Caia, Rafael tur Costa and Sara Tur are part of this important collection of contemporary art, which was also recognized by the world's Best Boutique Hotel 2018 Awards and which have led this villa to Build up as the best in all of Europe to spend a very exclusive holiday.

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