The Sons of Kings and presidents want to flee the public scrutiny

Being the son of a famous character at first sight only reports advantages, but reality shows that being permanently under the public eye is not always easy to cope with. The situation is complicated if the parents, in addition to acquaintances, have political responsibilities and the behavior of their offspring will be not only observed but also judged.

While children are that, children, condescension towards the possible pranks of childhood, a less public life and the protection of the parents themselves slightly attenuate the effects on them. But the feeling of pressure is aggravated during adolescence, when it arrives its transformation in adolescents, they need to experiment, the almost obligatory rebellion of this age towards the rules becomes norm and the need to feel free becomes peremptory.

The last case of this type was that of Princess Isabel of Belgium, the daughter of the Kings Felipe and Matilde of Belgium and heir to the throne. The young woman, who turned 17 on October 25, began this year to fly solo with her transfer to the UK where she attended her last two years of International Baccalaureate at the prestigious center UWC Atlantic College of Wales. During the past Christmas holidays he returned to his country with his family and his physical transformation surprised everyone in the images captured in the Royal Palace of Brussels on the occasion of the traditional Christmas concert to which the Belgian royal family goes. The firstborn of the monarchs of Belgium was already shown as a young woman with her own personality in which all the international spotlights and commentaries fell.

Barron Trump, con sus padres, Donald y Melania Trump el pasado 3 de febrero.Barron Trump, with his parents, Donald and Melania Trump last February 3. Cordon Press

At the end of a recent official voyage from his mother to Mozambique, Matilde of Belgium has expressed to the press her concern for the intimacy of her daughter. The sovereign of the Belgians said that he hopes that his eldest daughter can enjoy privacy and not become a center of media attention. "Everyone in the family is still getting used to not living with us, but at the same time we are happy because it is an enriching experience for her," said Matilde of Belgium in reference to her daughter's student life in Wales. "Being able to study with young people from all over the world and enjoy a normal life is very important. The princess is still very young and needs to enjoy her private life, he added.

Malia Obama, en Nueva York en junio de 2018.Malia Obama, in New York in June 2018.

This is not the first case where parents have asked the media to leave their teenage children out of curiosity. The children of the last Presidents of the United States have been a clear example of how uncomfortable it can be to be permanently observed. Despite the ideological differences that separate them, Melania Trump has come to publicly thank Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, for defending his son Barron that with the arrival of his father to the White House, felt as each of his gestures was Dissected – When not caricatured – to public opinion. A gesture that was particularly relevant because Chelsea Clinton had experienced what it meant to be in the position of the youngest of the children of Donald Trump, who had just moved definitively to Washington with his mother and was only 11 years old. "Allow him you have the private childhood you deserve," Chelsea said. Melania Trump, thanked the gesture and wrote in his social networks: "It is very important to support all of our children to be themselves."

Los príncipes Guillermo y Enrique con su padre y su tío, el conde Spencer en el funeral de su madre el 6 de septiembre de 1997.Prince William and Henry with their father and uncle, Count Spencer at his mother's funeral on September 6th, 1997.

The same closed defense occurred when they published photographs of Malia Obama, former president Barack Obama's eldest daughter, smoking and kissing who was her first known boyfriend in November 2017. The young woman was 19 years old, she had just started her studies at Harvard University and behaved like any other person her age, but the tabloids made these innocent images viral. Then it was Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the current American president, who defended her. "Malia Obama should have the same privacy as his college classmates. She's a young, adult and private citizen. It should be out of public life, "said Ivanka. The same message fund that quickly signed Chelsea Clinton to support this stance.

Michelle Obama has recognized in her successful memoir, My Story, that this was one of the main concerns she had during the eight years her family occupied the White House: to do everything possible so that her daughters could have a normal life and Act like the girls and young people they were. Objective which, in some cases, made it request drastic changes in the customs of the Secret Service that is in charge of protecting all the members of the presidential family.

Of that media pressure know many William and Henry of England. Few will forget the helpless and at the same time dignified and circumspect image of two children walking behind their mother's coffin during the funeral of Princess Diana of Wales. Neither did some photographs of the Restless Prince Henry during some sprees during his youth. The 20th anniversary of his mother's death broke with secrecy regarding his feelings of those years and, each on his side, confessed the traumas they experienced and the need to seek psychological help to overcome and open. "No one should ask a child to walk behind his mother's coffin surrounded by thousands of people," Prince Henry said. Or that neither he nor his brother want to "be seen as a group of celebrities."

Los reyes Felipe VI y Letizia, con sus hijas la princesa Leonor (izquierda) y la infanta Sofía, en el Congreso de los Diputados el pasado 6 de diciembre.The Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, with their daughters the Princess Leonor (left) and the Infanta Sofia, in the Congress of Deputies on 6 December.

In our country is also known the obsession of the Kings, especially the Queen Letizia, to keep their daughters away from public life for as long as possible. 2018 was the first year in which Princess Leonor acquired a certain prominence in counted and measured public acts, but her parents insist on trying to normalize her life to the maximum until the obligations of her heir status make it impossible.

Nor have the children of Infanta Elena been spared from this vigilance. The antics of Felipe Froilán who made him sympathetic as a child, have brought more than a headache when he was a teenager idle in the studios and also now, when back to Spain after spending some time studying abroad, their departures and Life as a university arouses curiosity and sometimes criticism or mockery. Neither has his sister, Victoria Federica, been spared from that media inquisition. Who attends with some perplexity to the articles that dissect his form of dress, his friendships or his first loves.

Something that affects less their cousins, the children of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín, because the particular situation of their parents following the case Nóos, made them put land in between and move their residence to Geneva (Switzerland) from 2013, when the first echoes of ESC Ándalo advised to keep his children away from what was to come.

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