The star of the U.S. television sex is 90 years old

Ruth Westheimer is clear: Meghan Marke and Prince Henry do not need their advice. "I'm sure they have a good sex life. She's had sex before, she's found her Prince Charming and she's left it. You don't need Dr. Ruth. " That Doctor Ruth is herself, the character that Westheimer has built through first radio programs and then television, videos, books and even social networks and a Broadway musical, and that have become, at its 90 years, in one of the most famous women S of the United States. And all thanks to sex.

Because Dr. Ruth (or granny Freud, as her followers call her) is one of the great disclosers of sex education in the United States. His career began with a local radio program in 1980, which lasted only 15 minutes and where he talked about topical issues, then shot by the AIDS epidemic. In three years he had become the most popular in his area, and in 1984 he became a national and she began to have space on televisions. A year her sexually speaking broadcast lasted two hours.

"Not only was I the first to talk about sex issues, but we have to keep in mind when I did," he explained with his galloping mood to the New York Times Last June, on the eve of turning 90 years. In addition to his 40 books and his pair of biographies, which he published 30 years ago, the work can be seen in a documentary that emits Hulu called ask Dr. Ruth (ask Doctor Ruth) and in which more than 400 friends and acquaintances praise her.

In addition to his television program, Westheimer (surname he takes from his third husband) goes to events, universities or cruises, where guests can ask their questions, following the system he has been using in his program for three decades. "Normally when I go on a boat I ask the captain to read me the questions. The last time was British, very tall, and had to say ' orgasm ' and ' erection '. They never thought they would see a captain talking about things like that, "he told a little, behind his thick spectacles and his less than 140 centimeters

His power, influence and pedagogy have been key in an uninformed society like the 1980s and 1990s, and he still likes his advice at a time when the pill is common and Viagra is popular. "When I started the radio show in 1981 few spoke of sex. Not many people talked about AIDS and HIV. I said you have to use a condom and know who you go to bed with, "he says, insisting that he has" saved lives by saying no sporadic sex. " "I keep talking about relationships. I keep saying be careful. People today don't see anyone die, but I tell them the same thing. They think they can have one-night rolls. "

In July 2009, Vanity Fair Magazine named it one of the 12 women who changed the way Americans see sex with Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky, writer Alice Walker ( the Color Purpleauthor) or Margaret Sanger, founder in 1921 of the American League for birth Control.

Before being Dr. Ruth and expanding pedagogy with humour, her life was not easy. Westheimer is a German refugee of Jewish origin. "Orphan of the Holocaust, but not a victim," as she says. Born in Wiesenfeld, she settled in Fráncfurt with her parents, who in the middle of World War II sent her to Switzerland before falling victim to the Gestapo. Time later he knew that they had been killed, probably at Auschwitz. Then he emigrated to Palestine and Paris, where he married his first husband and studied psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris. Later, already in the United States, to do has a master in sociology and a doctorate in education. He then learned of sexuality with Dr. Helen Singe-Kaplan, one of the pioneers in that field, in new York. And from there to fame.

"At 90 years old, I always talk about sex, from morning to night. People like me should be away from politics, "he said, thus avoiding links with parties and characters from any field. and continues to comment on the news from his interviews ("How wonderful, how fantastic that Queen Elizabeth II is still alive to be able to see the changes of the British Empire, when a woman, divorced and biracial can marry a prince") and from his active Tribune on Twitter, with 90,000 followers. "I am very sorry Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos," wrote on January 9 about the divorce of the founder of Amazon and his wife. "They treated Me phenomenally when I was with them. Perhaps if they had contacted me I could have helped them. " Speed and wit is not lacking.

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