The state of María Jiménez is aggravated

Singer Maria Jiménez, 69 years old, had to be admitted to the emergency last week and be surgically intervened because of a problem in the digestive system of which no more details are known. As reported on Monday Telecinco the operation took place at the hospital San Rafael de Cádiz and as a result of the same the Sevillian artist has had to stay a few days in the intensive care unit. A few complicated days that seemed to have had a normal process when it was announced that the artist had podium move to a room on the floor but it was made this same Tuesday when the picture presented by the actress has returned to the ICU where it is valued if they will have to OP Erarla again.

During these days, Maria Jiménez has been accompanied by her sister and her son Alejandro, the fruit of the marriage with the disappeared actor Pepe Sancho, with whom she maintained a passionate relationship that lived in two stages because first they were married in Seville in June of 1980 To separate in 1984 and to remarry in Costa Rica in 1987, two years after the tragic death of the eldest daughter of Maria Jiménez in traffic accident. The singer already knows what it means to fight diseases because in 2013 he was diagnosed with breast cancer from which he received the discharge finally den 2017 after going through an operation and treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She herself counted some time ago in the Viva la Vida program, at the stage in which she was presented by Toñi Moreno, who had lived a stage with several health problems: "I was operated on by a mother's cancer, then the throat, then I broke the fibula. I've been pachuchilla a while, but I'm better now, "he said.

The life of Maria Jiménez, who triumphed in the 1980s with success and then tried to relaunch his career after his definitive separation in 2002 of Pepe Sancho, has not always been easy. He was born in the Sevillian district of Triana of a humble family and had to work very young in the domestic service to help his own with his income. When his work in a house took him to Barcelona he ran into the Flemish tavern Villa Rosa and pulling improvisation got the owner to hire for 200 pesetas a day. In 1967 he returned to Seville as an incipient artist and in 1968 became a single mother of his first daughter Rocío, a girl for whom he felt genuine devotion and died when he had just turned 17 in a traffic accident, in 1985 , only a few months after his first separation from who was his only husband, Pepe Sancho.

The tragedy and the state of distress in which she left Maria Jiménez, rejoined Sancho and the couple remarried in 1987. But the second part of his marriage was even more erratic than the first and the fights and infidelities of him continued until his second divorce in 2002, including accusations of abuse, that the singer did not forget or forgave even when the actor died 3 m Arzo of 2013.

Maria Jiménez told some of her marital hardships in television programs, in magazines of the so-called Prensa Rosa and also in a book that titled Calla, Scoundrel, among them claimed to have been the victim of ill-treatment. For all these reasons Pepe Sancho filed a lawsuit against her for considering that both the book and the statements of his wife, injured her right to honor. A lawsuit that led to the highest courts with successive sentences and appeal and ended with an appeal presented by the singer to the Supreme Court that ended by exempting it from responsibilities because he understood that in Case of the public projection characters, "The Protection of Honor (...) And the privacy diminishes and the protection of the image is excluded (in the cases that foresees the law) ".

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