The unknown reinvention of Remedios Cervantes

"It's never too late to reinvent itself." This is the slogan that has guided the steps that Remedios Cervantes has given in recent years and the underlying behind the business achievements that the old model and actress has reaped through its agency R Media Marketing. A successful larvae in a stealthy way, apart from the media spotlights, and fruit almost exclusively of the tenacity and constancy of this Malaga 54 years. "I have discovered something that had very parked, which is to have an anonymous life almost to 90%," Cervantes explains to the country in telephone conversation.

His company, which in May will be five years old, is responsible for creating synergies between personalities from the world of culture, sports or television with brands, companies and other communication groups. In a short time and thanks to the support of his two other partners, Txema Hernández and Juan Antón de Salas — "My Two Angels", as the Llamas Cervantes —, R media Marketing has become one of the business of celebrity business and marketing with influencers more Important of the country that advises and enhances the image and digital presence of Nieves Álvarez and Antonio Banderas, among others, or newcomers such as Alba Díaz, the daughter of Manuel Benítez, the Cordovan and Vicky Martín Berrocal.

Every reinvention process is part of a vital tipping point. Cervantes, direct and Frank, has no qualms about recognizing his particular catharsis. "It all started from something negative with the TV show catches a million," he recognizes. His television error provoked an outrageous reaction in social networks. The actress was trending topic World for two consecutive weeks. "The effects were a bestial crisis of social media. I got to get threats and I didn't have a single account on social networks, "he explains.

Remedios Cervantes, en su oficina.Remedios Cervantes, in his office.

Instead of turning his back on the Internet universe, Cervantes opted to dive into it. "I decided to reflect and know what this whole world was about," he says. It was then that he met Hernandez and Salas, who recommended that in order to cope with the criticisms in the digital environment it was best to have a presence in them and design a strategy. That was the origin of R media Marketing: To apply the experience of Cervantes to other personalities of the artistic world. "There is a lot of ignorance within this sector," he says.

The moving of the catwalks and the scenarios to the digital environment has been another process of hard reinvention, driven by a transcendental episode in the Life of Cervantes: The sickness and death of his mother, in 2014. "Before I passed away, I took my access to college. It wasn't easy at 48 years, "he recognizes. "When he died I moved to Valencia and I locked up three years to study." He enrolled at the UNED and then took a postgraduate course in a private school. Last year he finished a master's degree in the European University of Valencia in digital marketing and Big Data. "My graduation was one of the most beautiful days of my life," he recognizes.

Cervantes has preferred to be formed to develop his business venture rather than opting for the one that would have seemed the fastest and most profitable way to boost the company: to appeal to his image and his media pull. A deliberate decision that is reflective, tells those who know it, "of their wisdom and bravery." "It has been good for us not to have to rely on the speaker of my public life," Cervantes explains. Although it has abandoned the scenarios, it is still linked to them "from another angle". The businesswoman uses her experience as an actress and model to advise her clients. "Our advice is tailor-made. Public figures are generally very vulnerable, I bring them confidence, knowledge of the profession and the digital world, "he explains.

A good part of the company's success lies in the confidentiality, distinction and discretion that guarantee its customers. "We have preferred to position ourselves with our efforts and so we have grown thanks to word of mouth: One company was bringing another, one brand to another...", says Cervantes. With this strategy have gone from working each of the partners in their homes to have a luminous office in Santa Clara Street in Valencia, and have seven employees on the payroll. More and more national projects are being added, such as the digital communication of the Soho Theatre in Barcelona, which they presented on Wednesday, and international.

At the end of March he will have the opportunity to explain his reinvention of actress and model to businesswoman in a TED talk in Valencia. "We must change, we must move. The 50 for a woman are the youth of maturity. " And he warns: "What not to do is to waste time," claiming another of his vital currencies.

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