The Women of Messi and Luis Suárez close their shoe store

Antonella Roccuzzo and Sofía Balbi, couples respectively of the players Leo Messi and Luis Suárez have tried together luck in the business and the operation has not come out as expected. A little less than a year Ago, the two friends opened a shoe store in Barcelona as owners. To undertake this business they partnered with Argentine businessman and designer Ricky Sarkany who has more than fifty places open in the Southern Cone of America and landed in Europe with this project. All three knew each Other because both Roccuzzo and Balbi were clients of the designer.

However, the Barcelona business has not worked and is about to have to take the closing. Although the two friends have promoted the firm wearing their models whenever they have had occasion, the company created jointly to launch into the business world, Roccbal 109, has had a loss of 150,000 euros, as reported by the newspaper Economic Expansion.

Despite the figures little flattering and that neither Roccuzzo nor Balbi have wanted to make statements about it, yes he wanted to explain Ricky Sarkany, who has made it clear that the closure of the shoe is due to a decision taken by the two women of the footballers Barcelona and that this is a personal decision taken for personal reasons rather than economic. "At This moment they need to devote themselves to their newborn children and put all their energy into the family," added the Argentinean designer. "I Am very grateful for the launch of the venue, a beautiful and unforgettable project. It allowed Me to tread strong in Europe and now strengthen my expansion into the Northern hemisphere and the great challenge that Asia represents. "

The two friends opened their business on May 21 last year, shortly before the wedding of Antonella and Leo Messi, which took place on June 30 in Rosario, the Argentine city in which both were born and where they met. The two couples share a neighborhood in Castelldefels and it is also common to see them together during their holidays. A friendship that Luis Suárez confessed arose "thanks to the roasts and the mate."

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