The world of Never Ending

I remembered one of the jokes we had in the school: Two friends are on the street and one says to the other, "I've brought a postcard of my last trip, take." Excited to look at her, but what she sees is her friend sitting on a toilet holding a candle. Confused asks, "What is this?", to which the other replies: "Chicago at night." We were dying of laughter.

Last week, as you know, Chicago suffered an extreme cold wave. Sensitized to the disaster, President Trump wrote on his Twitter: "In the beautiful Midwest, wind temperatures are reaching 60 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, the largest recorded cold. In the next few days, it is expected to cool even more. People can't last outside for even a few minutes. What the hell is going on with global warming? Please come back quickly, we need you! "

Wise reflection of the Lord of the Amber face which, of course, I fully subscribe.

To see: What is the problem with climate change? That the world is going to end? Okay, but at least it'll be a good day. What's going to go up the sea level? What a drawback there is in that too, you still have an apartment in Albacete and it is first line of beach. What will the North Pole melt? Does it really matter? Do you guys usually go a lot? Every time there's a bridge, they escape to the North Pole? Please! There are a lot more important things!

For example, what happened to me yesterday. Reading the digital edition of a newspaper of national circulation I discovered the following headline: "The hottest nude of Malena Costa". Logically cliqué with my little finger heteropatriarcal. Well, do you want to believe that the news that jumped me wasn't that? On the contrary, I was informed that a 79-year-old baseball fan had died as a result of a ball hit. I wanted to brighten my eye, but what I got was uneasiness. Click Waiting for one thing and get another, that's a real problem.

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