Vanessa Lorenzo asks for a marriage to Carles Puyol

Vanesa Lorenzo has asked Carles Puyol to marry him. The model has chosen a vacation in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) to take this step. The Explayer of Barcelona has published a photograph in which appears the model kneeling at the time of asking for marriage, with the phrase: "I said yes."

The couple met on a blind date organized in 2012 and are parents of two girls. The player had been operated on the knee and did not feel in any mood. His doctor and friend of the Pobla de Segur, was his Celestino. Dr. Toni Mullas convinced Puyol to meet someone and introduced him to Vanesa Lorenzo, with whom the doctor also maintained a friendship. The model reminds me of this: "I didn't want any trouble, I was looking for stability. I had been living in new York for 15 years. Before entering the restaurant, our friend told me: ' He is a footballer, and he can be the man of your life '. And I said, ' me with a footballer? You don't know me enough. We both had the same prejudice. It was December 18, the 22nd asked me for my phone and invited me to have a drink (...) I thought, ' football players are very quick with the girls, but not with me. ' " Puyol's version is this: "I was out of a knee surgery and I was done shit. My friend Dr. Toni Mullas told me that he wanted to introduce me to someone. I said no, I didn't feel like anything. She came to tell me Vanessa's name, but she didn't know who she was. I thought: ' A model, buf '. But after I met her I was caught. "

Just a month after they met, they went to live together. They are parents of Manuela of 5 years and Maria of 3. The couple leads a life far away from the media focus. He is still linked to football and she continues as a model. Vanessa Romero is a defender of healthy living and well-being but she claims she is not obsessed with eternal youth. "Maturity begins to be beauty," he reflexes. However, he admits that in the entertainment industry as well as in society there is still a long way to go in this battle. "Not only as models, but as women we have a lot of pressure to appear to be always young. It's not the same for men. They are attractive and interesting gray. What rage, "he sentenced in an interview with THE COUNTRY.

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