With the help of Kim Kardashian this grandfather learned to make up his wife almost blind

Des y Mona Manahan, acompañados por la maquilladora Rosie O’Driscoll. (D

Des and Mona Manahan, accompanied by makeup artist Rosie O'Driscoll. (from BBC Video)

The Irish Des and Mona Manahan were married 56 years ago. For six months, in 1952, he courted singing "they Try To Tell Us We're Too Young"by Nat King Cole. When they met half a century together they went to celebrate Las Vegas. They never lost love or companionship, and when Mona began to suffer an irreversible deterioration of sight, she refused to learn to make up her makeup.

Mona maquillada: aunque no puede casi ver, la ayuda su esposo. (DelMona Makeup: Although she can't almost see, her husband helps her. (from BBC Video)

At 84 years old he was a student again, in Benefit Ireland, with Rosie O'Driscoll, the makeup artist Mona had gone to consult at the local Debenhams in Waterford. Des accompanied her: "and then took one of the brushes of my hand and began to make up," saidO'Driscoll, who shared the story in their social media accounts. As he watched him work on his wife's face, he said: "You have the gift, it comes naturally".

Des y Mona Manahan en The Late Late Show, donde los vio el maquillador dDes and Mona Manahan in the Late late Show, where they saw the makeup artist Kim Kardashian.

While discontinued in his studies, BBC did an interview with the couple, in which they told their life together, and one night they went to the Late late Show, along with the makeup artist, and the man explained to Ryan Tubridy, driver of the program That made millions of Irish cry, his ideas about the best makeup for his wife's face that, in his opinion, was so beautiful that it looked better with the minimum: "Less is more".

Then Mario Dedivanovic, the make-up artist who has been working with Kim Kardashian for more than a decade, found out about the case. He was about to give a masterful of makeup in London and wanted the student of 84 years to participate in it.

En su cuenta de Instagram, el maquillador de Kim Kardashian compartió la histIn his Instagram account, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist shared the story of Des and Mona.

"A few months ago I met the story of Des and Mona," wrote Dedivanovic in his Instagram account, in a photo with the couple. "Mona began to lose sight and her husband Des began taking makeup classes at Benefit Ireland with Rosie O'Driscoll to learn to make up. I called my manager and told him I wanted to invite Des, Mona and Rosie to the Master class, and we did it. "

Rosie O’Driscoll publicó en su cuenta de Instagram una foto de la parejaRosie O'Driscoll published in her Instagram account a photo of the couple during the master class

The make-up artist thanked Benefit Ireland and said that by seeing them his heart swelled with excitement. "It was the best of the Master class and the year,"he added, with the hashtag #TrueLove (True love).