A 9-year-old girl in rehab after becoming addicted to the video game "Fortnite"

draftable – A nine year old girl has had to undergo rehabilitation therapy after becoming addicted to Fortnite, a video game that consists of destroying your opponent to survive and have already downloaded more than 40 million of video users Consoles, beating all the records of digital addiction.

There is a concern from the point of view of the experts that it has become one of the many children with a willingness to develop mental health problems due to this type of entertainment, said Mirror.

More than 40 million people have downloaded the Fortnite, a game of shooting and survival, which since its launch last July has beaten all records of digital addiction

Carol, the mother of the little girl, expressed in an interview to the ' Sunday People ': "We had no idea, when we let her play, of the addictive nature or the impact that could have on her mental health," according to the diary, "The Little one is now in Addiction therapy after being agitated after spending more than 10 hours playing, even until dawn and peeing on it without being able to leave the game. "

A serious problem

"This is a serious problem that is destroying our child's life and someone has to intervene to ban it before it becomes an epidemic," he warned.

Carol explained that they began to worry when: "We called the school principal asking if everything was okay, because he had slept twice in the classes and his grades were dropping."

"When we asked our daughter what the problem was, she became unusually argumentative and aggressive, which achacamos at first to a hormonal change."

Later, he stopped practicing sports because he felt tired despite being something he loved and began to miss family reunions and even refused to attend church on Sunday mornings, the mother recalled.

Finally, they noticed that the credit card had made payments of small amounts to Microsoft, at regular intervals. When asked, he acknowledged that "it could be some extras he had paid in Fortnite."

"Of course we were furious and confiscated his Xbox. But then she lashed and hit my husband in the face, "declared Costernada.

Children run the risk of becoming players through Internet computer games, according to specialists such as Dr. Jane Rigbye

Although the game can be downloaded free of charge, its developers make money with the "hooked" users who pay to improve their performance, pointed out the medium.

The sinister addiction reveals itself

Despite limiting the time of play to one hour during school days and two hours on weekends, they still suspected.

"One night my husband saw his light on and when he came in, he found her sitting on a pee-drenched cushion playing the game. I was so hooked on the game that I didn't even want to go to the bathroom, he said.

When asked, she responded by crying that every night during the last two months she had waited for them to sleep to get up to play, "Sometimes it stays until 5:00 in the morning."

They calculated that they could have been playing up to ten hours a day, so they contacted addiction counselor Steve Pope, who agreed to see the girl to diagnose if she needed treatment.

Pope confirmed: "For the last two months I have been contacted by dozens of parents with children of only eight years who show clear signs of addiction to Fortnite."

"Although I've been working in this field for three decades, I've never seen anything like it, how widespread and potentially damaging this is."

"I know brilliant boys who will suspend their exams this summer because of Fortnite, boys who rob their parents and friends to pay the ' extras ', guys who pee in bottles because they can not bear to leave the game...", the counselor listed, adding : "The biggest announcement possible for children takes place when the soccer players of the ' Premier League ' celebrate the goals with dances of Fortnite. It's the perfect gateway to addiction and gambling. "

Secretary of Culture Matt Hancock has warned that addictive "online" shooting games like Fortnite have a detrimental impact on children

The nine-year-old girl in our report is gradually returning to normal with her sports and education, she concluded.

A call to parents

"I urge all parents to know what this game can do, how it absorbs the lives of children and it could ruin them," Carol said.

According to the Mirror report, the English Secretary of Culture, Matt Hancock, has also warned that addictive online shooting games like Fortnite have a detrimental impact on children and even hundreds of alarmed women have Signed petitions to prohibit Fortnite, asserting that the game "brainwashed" theirboyfriends.

Child psychologist Linda Papadopoulos indicates that the games can be "quite addictive for children because game creators also encourage users to spend as much time as possible in their game using psychological principles Basics as reward and punishment. "

"This can be dangerous as children do not have much control over the manipulation of their brain's reward system," he added.

There is certainly no research into the potential damage that video games can cause, and even if the entertainment industry is reluctant to cooperate in this assessment, this should not become an obstacle to avoid establishing necessary safeguards and guidelines to protect our children.