Cuba: Almost 9000 suicides between 2013 and 2017, report officially

Between 2013 and 2017 the lives of 8954 Cubans have been taken away, according to the report of the Cuban newspaper, May 28.

In the Statistical yearbook and according to sources of the Provincial Health Directorate, Suicide is one of the 10 most frequent causes of death in Cuba.

According to the same means "more than half of these events were due to family frictions, conditioned by dysfunctional homes, misunderstandings and problems in communication. The conflicts of couple and personal also led to the attempt, present in a meaningful way in the female group of 20 to 39 years ".

The problems of communication between adolescents and their families also count among the causes that induce them to take their lives.

However, among the people older than 60 years the greatest number of suicides was presented, in the words of Ledanay Aquino Perez, coordinator of Mental Health in the Provincial direction.

Aquino said that "differentiated actions are made in elderly people alone, fragile and in a state of need, with adequate follow-up of psychiatric pathologies, especially those concomitant with high suicidal risk," adds Decambray.

The who, quoted by the newspaper, insists on the multisectoral approach through which it is necessary to procure the systems of prevention to this evil, which is not exclusive of the Caribbean island.

José Ignacio Hermosa – BLES