These are the pros and cons of the vegan diet

In recent times it has increased the interest, of many people, for the diet they consume, and in a way it is logical, given the great differences in activities and lifestyles resulting from the changes in contemporary civilization.

One of the variants of the various nutritional systems is the so-called ' vegan diet '.

The vegan diet tends to be confused with the vegetarian diet, perhaps because of the great similarity of the names, however, between the two there are important differences to be taken into account by those who wish to opt for one or the other.

Pyramid of the vegan diet.

The biggest difference, certainly crucial, is that a vegan does not at all admit products of animal origin, nor even the honey that is processed by the bees.

Obviously, the meat is outlaws completely, as well as its derivatives, including gelatine, which are made from animal tissues.

Also, eggs, milk, cheeses, and any other food that contains them in some way.

Why do some people opt for the vegan diet?

According to the information disseminated by the Kaiser Foundation, the vegan diet has the following aspects that make some people choose this way of eating:

Pros: How healthy is the vegan diet?

It can be healthier than other diets.

Some religions forbid eating meat.

The vegan diet can cost less than a diet that includes meat.

Some people think it's wrong to use animals in food.

Eating less meat favors the environment, because animal husbandry consumes too much drinking water and deteriorates the environment, including the excessive production of methane gas, which is harmful to the ozone layer.

For some people the taste of the meat is unpleasant.

The change in the diet seems simple, but in reality it implies many changes.

As beneficial effects for health it has been found that:

You begin to lose weight, just leaving the meat can be weighed 3.5 kilos less, and according to studies of the Academy of nutrition and Diabetes, the more you apply the diet the more weight you can lose.

The heart improves, for American men omnivores the risk of death from heart disease is 50%, for vegetarians of 15% and for vegans of 4%.

The sensation of intestinal inflammation disappears.

Premenstrual syndrome pains are reduced.

It reduces the risk of diabetes and certain types of cancer.

The vegan table can also be varied and delicious.


The nutritional contribution of meat is irreplaceable, which does not mean that it cannot be alleviated with other foods to a certain extent.

The contribution of vitamin B 12 is irreplaceable naturally, proving essential for the formation of red blood cells and also for the functioning of the central nervous system, so some go to ingest it by means of vitamin supplements.

The taste can be lost, which is attributed to the loss of zinc, which should preferably be added in beverages that facilitate absorption; A woman requires about 8 milligrams, while for a man it would be enough 12.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women require special attention to the balance of their food portions.

The provisions of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as calcium, zinc and vitamins D and B12 are also critical, as mentioned above.

Babies who only use breastmilk should be given iron supplements after 4 to 6 months of age (may be cereal enriched with iron).

If you feed the children with soy milk you have to make sure it contains all the fat. Children under 2 years of age require extra fat for brain and nerve development.

Vegan diets, due to their high fiber content may prove insufficient for children, given the small volume of their stomachs can be filled before eating enough calories, so it is advisable to provide frequent snacks that contribute to Get enough energy and nutrients for healthy growth.

The vegetables supply almost all the necessary nutrients.

For the Vegan Society The diet is suitable for all ages, however, several testimonies indicate that for children it is extremely difficult to cover the deficiencies of vitamins D and B12.

It tells the case of a 12-year-old girl, who was admitted to a hospital in Scotland, for rickets, and according to the diagnosis her spine resembled that of a woman of 80 years, as the Independent says.

The decision to opt for a particular type of diet is very personal, and in the case of the vegan diet it is advisable to be well advised by a nutritionist, mainly in the case of children.

Important: This article was written merely for information purposes and is not intended to replace the visit to your doctor, dietitian or specialist. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor.

Jose Ignacio Hermosa-BLes