His Landlord Would Blame Him Everytime He Complained About The Roaches. How He Made Him Pay BIGTIME Is Hilarious.

So, a few years back, my family went through some pretty horrible stuff, and ended up moving into a trailer park. It didn't look too awful as far as trailer parks go, and it was (barely) cheap enough to afford at the time, so we swallowed our doubts and moved in.

The first night, we discover there are bed bugs and roaches. Report the problem to the landlord the next morning, and he says we must have brought them in! That was our first clue that living there was going to be a problem.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we've got roaches that are immune to every poison on Earth. No amount of cleaning can even get rid of the smell of the bugs (yes, they smell!!!).

There's a water leak every couple of weeks, and the landlord just sends a guy out to cut down the existing water hoses and re-fasten them every time instead of replacing the rotting water lines. Our water heater is falling through the floor. Rats and opossums are coming up through the heat vents in the floor. The ceiling leaks, and there's a spot in the floor where you can stomp and knock power out to half the trailer. It was horrible. Every time we complained or asked for something to be fixed-anything!-this idiot would say it was our fault. He never treated for roaches (we did manage to kill off the bed bugs, but only after spending almost a thousand dollars and literally steam cleaning every inch of the place), never fixed the gaping holes in the heating conduits under the trailer, never fixed the leaks in the ceiling...even being threatened by the Health Department didn't get this guy off his ass.

So...we got another slow leak, this time behind the bath tub. It was a wet winter, so our yard was a swamp anyway. The landlord paid the water bill, and the meters were set up so it was impossible to tell which trailer had the leak. So we decided to just let it leak. All. Winter. Long.

The first month, he was bitching in the office one day about how high his water bill was. By the second month, the leak had started spraying water at the back of our tub, so it was bigger.

His water bill went up again. By December, it was obvious there was a big problem, and he called the water company out to "investigate." We turned our water off while they were there so they couldn't pinpoint the leak if they pressure tested the lines (which they didn't do anyway, lol), and as soon as they left, we turned it back on.

By January, his water bills were so high that his "partner" came up, thinking he must be embezzling funds from the utility account. They called the water company again, and were told that the only way to fix the problem would be to seal the main water line that ran the entire length of the park. Basically, a crew comes out and blows a high pressure stream of some chemical that hardens on contact with the walls of the pipe and seals them-and it's a loooong pipe, lol. The 'repair" estimate was $25,000 for a problem that didn't even exist.

For five days, the crew was at the park, blowing this funk into the pipe and checking to see if they had fixed the leak. We waited until the entire length of the pipe had been coated, then fixed the leak ourselves. It cost us $14.