This Man was being escorted out by a Nurse, They passed by other patient's rooms and He Never Expected This.

A man is being released from a US hospital. As he is being escorted out by a nurse, he passes by a patient’s room with the door open and sees that the male patient is masturb*ting furiously.

Confused, he turns to the nurse and asks, “what the hell is going on here?!”

The nurse replies, “you see, this man has a serious condition where if he does not masturb*te profusely every 2 hours, a blood clot would form and he would surely die.”

“Oh, I guess I can understand that.” Says the man.

So they keep walking, and in the next room he finds a male patient receiving a bl*w job from a nurse.

So the man turns to the nurse escorting him and proclaims, “Ok, now you have some explaining to do.”

The nurse shrugs, and then replies, “Same problem, better healthcare.”