Alejandro Sanz, Science responds to your diet ' detox ': hungrier and more body fat

Alejandro Sanz is starving to death. He has counted on Twitter: he will offer his followers a 21 days 'detox' diet . Twenty-one days of which he has completed three and he has very few lamentations to utter: "Day 1, I am hungry; Day 2, I'm starving; Day 3, I can't feel my legs. I'll tell you more tomorrow. "

We have bad news, Alejandro Sanz. Not only is it going to keep roaring your stomach and clamoring for a good plate of spoon, but besides not purifying the body is possible even fattening. The intention was good, to move from promoting cocoa cream to a healthy diet, but the choice was not the best.

The terms ' detox ', ' depurative ', ' healing ', among others, are a scam. A scam to the level of homeopathy, which as such, we must flee from it, "Néstor Benítez Brito, dietitian-nutritionist and coordinator of the Group of specialization in clinical nutrition of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who claims that tweets Like this they are considered "a danger to the public health". "It is an artist that millions of users follow, many of them are reflected in it and admire it; And his message is an attack on his individual health, but at the same time population. "

Health risks (and for the figure)

Radical? The green juices have been identified by the EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) among the causes that in Germany has doubled the number of kidney stones diagnosed in the last seven years and hence have included among the 13 Emerging health risks. And who establishes a probable relationship between the consumption of fruit juices and obesity.

The operation is explained by Angela Quintas, Chemistry and Clinical nutrition expert: "As with many miracle diets, the only thing they provide in combination with prolonged fasts are high blood glucose spikes — activating fat generation or Lipogenesis— An excessive intake of some antinutrients (such as Oxalates), and a reduced protein intake — by substituting a juice for a meal or dinner — which leads us to lose muscle mass and water but not fat. "

While we do not ingest the fiber of the food, which is destroyed by blending, mixing or extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables, in green beverages there are oxalates, "an element that is part of vegetable fiber, especially green leaf foods such as spinach or The chard, "explains the chemistry. "They are considered a type of antinutrients, because their high consumption — as happens in milkshakes or juices — interferes with the absorption of iron, potassium and mainly calcium."

"It is not that they are harmful in themselves," explains Benítez Brito, "The dangerous thing is to feed only on these juices for several days (in this case, 21). The problems that may appear after several days this scam are several, from hypoglycemia, dizziness, headache, asthenia, even moodiness or sudden changes in mood. Get ready for what's on the artist's Twitter account.

"The recommendation is always the same: flee the scams and the famous Miracle Diet," warns the dietitian-nutritionist, and reflects: "Surely, he would not think to promote tobacco use and associate his name to the tobacco industry."