An oil to fry potatoes and refresh brains

Like the precise impulse of a Trojan horse. So imagine Javier Sánchez, a scientist at the Instituto de la Grasa-CSIC, the arrival of lipoproteins that transport the components of pomace olive oil to the immensity of the brain.

The usual in these cases, develops the investigator, is that the microglial cells of the gray mass take it as a threat, triggering a neuroinflammatory process. But, as Sánchez Colega and her colleagues document in a recent study, three bioactive compounds of this type of oil would attenuate the reaction (the equivalent of soldiers inside the horse).

In the absence of a next level of human research (for now, it is only an in vitro work), this finding puts science on the track that consumption of this type of oil could prevent Alzheimer. It is not the first time that the experts ask for an opportunity for this great unknown, "the Ugly Duckling" of his group, defines Sanchez Manella.

In 2017, the consumer Union of Spain (UCE) considered the pomace oil one of the best for frying for its ability to withstand high temperatures. The CSIC researcher is clear: "It does not achieve the unsurpassed taste of extra virgin olive oil, but it is a great choice for stews and fryings, ahead of seed oils." Yes, discard any superpower: "Your benefits will only be noticeable if your consumption is integrated into a healthy diet."

So the less known oil is produced

According to the interprofessional Oriva, it is obtained through the extraction of the Alpeorujo (water, skin, bone and remains of oil that result from the grinding of the olive) and its refined posterior. Finally, add some extra virgin or virgin olive oil. The OCU sets its price at €2.53/litro.

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