Do you like fried foods? Five tips to get the perfect frying

Frying is a very common way to prepare food in our gastronomy, but to make the food perfectly cooked with this technique you have to take into account several factors. The temperature, the means used, the food to fry and, of course, the oil used, are essential to get the most out of the Fried. With Olive-pomace oil and a few simple tricks it's easy to get it.

Use olive-pomace oil

Recent studies show the advantages of olive pomace oil at the time of frying, since its composition is rich in oleic acid and also contains bioactive compounds of great antioxidant capacity, such as tocopherols or Polyphenols. This gives it great stability in frying, which means that it resists more than twice the use of the most commonly used seed oils.

In addition, its neutral organoleptic characteristics do not mask the taste of the food when frying and can be fully enjoyed its original Flavor.

Prevent the oil from getting too hot

It is well known that the frying must be made with very hot oil, but how much is very hot? Between 175 and 180 degrees is ideal, so the food does not lose water and absorbs less lipids.

It should be noted that when the oil smokes, it is a sign that we have gone from heat, that has been burned and it is not advisable to use it. Olive Pomace oil has a higher smoke point than other oils, which gives it a more stable behavior in frying.

Do not prolong cooking more than necessary

The longer we expose the food to the hot oil, the more nutrients you will lose and the more fat you absorb. The greater exposure to heat before it produces what is known as degradation, which involves the formation of unwanted compounds that decrease the nutritional value of fried foods and the durability of the use of frying oil. This phenomenon varies depending on the type of oil, being the Olive pomace oil the ideal for its composition that allows it to better withstand the high temperatures.

Keep the oil properly

Although reusing the oil is more respectful of the environment, it is a fact that when it has been reused many times it starts losing its properties and becomes more viscous, forcing to lengthen the time of frying and the food absorbs a greater amount. To lengthen its useful life it is recommended to keep it away from light and heat, with the lid of the fryer lowered and not to leave the oil to the fire without food inside, as this reduces its degradation.

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A recent scientific research shows evidence of the suitability of olive pomace oil to produce frying. In addition, the results indicate that their use can exert a protective function against the inflammatory damage inherent to any pathological process.

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