Eight foods we buy to lose weight and actually fatten


Looking for a healthy diet with minimal effort opens the door to "false friends", those foods whose packaging or presentation suggests that they do not fatten even though they are eaten by full hands. But, in the end, many of them plug us a lot more calories, sugars and fats than we think. If you are one of those people who fill the food pantry ' light ', convinced to be safe from the michelins, we have bad news. "Some studies suggest that light food consumption can increase the energy intake in the diet, especially with superfluous food," said Manuel Moñino, dietitian-nutritionist in the area of scientific knowledge management of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and president of the official College of dietitians-nutritionists of Illes Balears. These are some of the suspicious foods.

alimento2Así We charge the benefits of 0% of fat

Adding the symbol 0% M.G. (abbreviation for "fat") in a dairy container is one of the most potent claims, much as the bad reputation of whole milk can be undeserved. Consuming it is not a problem in itself, "in fact, it is an appropriate choice for the general population," says the dietitian-nutritionist. The downside is that, to increase the palatability of the product, sugars are added. "There are even consumers who put some kind of sweetener before consuming it. If it is the case, always in small quantities, but the healthiest thing is to add fresh or dried fruits. "

alimento3Ensaladas packaged: Beware of tripping

Dressing and accessories are usually the tempting sin of ready-to-eat salads: crusts, fried onions, bacon strips... Not to mention those delicious sauces, with enough calories to do a mountain bike test in the middle of summer. "In principle, salads are a very healthy option and facilitate the consumption of vegetables. But, their dressing and ' tripping ', especially those of animal origin, provide many calories in the form of fats, ' reveals Moñino. If we choose this type of salad, it is best to aliñarlas with extra virgin olive oil.

alimento4Pan without Crumb, a classic that does not die

If you are one of those who replaces the slice of bread by colines or biscots, Replantéatelo. "bread without crumbs has more energy than fresh bread because it contains only water,"and the recipe usually includes some type of vegetable fat (usually sunflower or palm oil). "It is not the case of the Wasa type bread, made with a mixture of flours, grains and seeds (whole wheat, rye, oats...) And less caloric than a biscot. However, the most appropriate option is still traditional bread, especially the integral, "says Moñino.

alimento 5Disfruta the sushi, but it is not the panacea

To compensate for the strong taste of the fish, the rice is added sugar, which, in the eyes of Moñino, does not deserve the disqualification. "In the context of healthy eating is not a problem, because the amounts that are usually eaten regularly from this preparation are not high. It is a more recommended option than other meat-based dishes with french fries, for example. " As for the nutritional properties of the algae, the chances are that neither the Cates. If your family tree has not left the old Europe, your intestine does not have the bacterium Bacteroides Plebeius or enzymes (porfirasas) that do inhabit the intestinal tract of the Japanese and allow them to assimilate the nutrients of the algae. Not all sushi fattens, no, but it's not the panacea either.

alimento6Patatas ' Light ', the no more of creative tagging

One of the great successes of the industry of the aperitif in the last years: to attach the word light to the term "potatoes" and to eliminate, like who does not want the thing, the surname "Fritos". This strategy creates in the consumer the illusion of being eating something seemingly light as a feather. A sensation that increases with the soft texture and dry touch of these appetizers. And there's the trap: Don't let leak of oil and salt like the churrería doesn't mean you can gobble up at your discretion. "If a bag fries have a 550 kilocalories for 100 grams, the light would have at least 385. These figures still imply considerable energy content to take a large amount. Much less to include them in our usual diet, "warns the dietitian-nutritionist.

alimento7 light biscuits? Don't get Trust

If Mary's biscuits are mistakenly considered as a healthy option, even for babies, their dietary premiums often slip among the appetizers of those obsessed with calorie intake. Bad fact: light doesn't mean calorie-free. It just means "a little less" in a pretty caloric panorama. "Reducing 30% of calories by softening the content of fats or sugars does not make them a healthy option. Even worse if, with the excuse that they are light, their consumption is increased. They are foods that should never be part of our usual diet, " emphasizes the scholar.

alimento8Atiborrarte of jam without gaining kilos... Keep Dreaming

A study of OCU reveals that a light jam (with sugar and sweeteners) contains about 35 grams of sugars per 100 grams, compared to 50 grams of a normal jam. Although it does not carry added sugars, the fruit already has its own. And the ANIBES study reminds us that precisely the jams occupy an honorable seventh place among the foods that more sugar contribute to the diet of the Spaniards. Perhaps we have not understood that the fact of having less calories will not cause that we do not fatten with it.

alimento9Miel, Agave and Panela: They also have sugar since white sugar fell in disgrace, other sweeteners have occupied their place and, usually, with the false tagline of "Healthy", which, by some strange mental mechanism, is interpreted as "this does not fatten." They are options similar to sugar as a sweetener. Perhaps, with a slightly lower caloric content, or with a low level of refinement, but will always be added sugars and should be controlled in the usual diet, "the expert says. Honey, agave and panela may be healthy, but also fattening.