Food religions

It is hardly a secret that the food industry intends to sell 'drugs ' in supermarkets: yoghurts that strengthen the immune system, enriched milks that prevent heart attack, oils that lose weight (if not enough with the mineral water that Does the same), bebedizos that accelerate the metabolism and chocolates that prevent the diabetes. None of these things is a drug, since they have not demonstrated in clinical trials what the manufacturer proclaims, but the penetration power of those ' paramedics ' messages, or Pseudosanitarios, is enormous in our Candorosas societies and Uninformed to conscience, whose critical resistance is nullified by any label that says "bio", "natural" or anything even more debatable.

The arrival of the Perroflauta spirit has not improved things at all. To the biotechnological pretensions of the major brands has now overturned an amazing market of unknown plants with sorceress properties, Asian cabbages that clarify the blood, quinoa seeds that grease the nervous system, flours of spelt that give the Happiness and infusions of green tea that enhance the defenses, we do not know against what. But the big chains are not willing to give up that appetizing market to organic agriculture fairs, and are already flooding the cities of "bio" hypermarkets where food is not sold, but health. They are the temples of modern religion, the pantheism of the wise nature.

Fighting a religion is very difficult, as you know very well anyone who has tried, and when the priests of this pseudo-medicated diet have the hook of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow or Richard Gere, makes you want to throw the towel. It is possible that the only viable strategy is to dismantle the specific cases, one by one and with scientific arguments (or revealing the lack thereof). This is what the epidemiologist Karin Michels, from Harvard University, has just done, with coconut oil, one of the last creeds of naturalnutrition. Michels has not rode around and has qualified that oil of "pure venom" and "one of the worst foods that can be used." It seems like a good tactic, because the video of your conference has exceeded a million hits. We need more courageous experts like Michels, because there are a myriad of people in the opposite field, and they make a lot of noise, besides plague the pseudo garbage net.

Against trash, data: There is not a single scientific study that demonstrates the virtues of coconut oil; Despite being vegetal, it contains more saturated fatty acids than the worst of animal fats, and therefore can be described as an effective capper of arteries; It just contains the essential fatty acids that 'Yes' must be eaten. In short, a disaster, a lie and surely a scam.

The website of this diary contains a series of videos called 'Darwin, I need you' that has begun to dismantle myths with the arguments of science. The last of them effectively destroys the religion of those who swallow collagen to improve their bones, joints and smoothness of their skin. Watch.