If you like an oil, freeze

Your oil could expire tomorrow. or last a year. And in the packaging of this perishable product there is always a date indicating how long it should be used.

"thereis No European regulation on the maximum time for consumption , and partly because its durability depends on storage conditions," recalls Enrique Martínez Force, researcher and vice-director of the CSIC fat Institute.

the oil is damaged by oxidation, which is triggered at the time of production and accelerated for reasons as surprising and usual as not close the bottle or throw the plug ("presence of oxygen"), Keep it next to the glass or oven ("elevated Temperatures") or expose it to a glass oiler or its own bottle, if it is transparent, by the window ("light").

"avoiding these factors, we'll increase the lifespan of the oil," clarifies the Expert. Surprise: You can freeze. Just bear in mind that "is not homogeneous, is formed by triglycerides and these, in turn, by fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic), which crystallize at different temperatures causing pearls to form until it freezes Completely at-20 °". Descongélese calmly (and without heat).

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"the best oils, with greater strength, aroma and flavor, are those that sell the first months of the harvest (between October and december)", explained from the Chinata, Oil company, gourmet products and cosmetics based on Olive Oil. That is why they have released an extra virgin of first press and unfiltered that is sold at-18 °. EVOO under zero, Chinata (€16).

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