If you swallow a chili do not drink water, and other 9 questions about the hot, resolved


The human will have strong emotions. Hence, putting hot on their favorite dishes, a tradition traceable in almost all cultures. Some will make you runny as a child, others will make you feel like you have a fire in the mouth cavity. And, deep down, they'll make you enjoy the beauty of your lunch, maybe save you some cold or help you lose a few grams of Michelins. And if you pass, what should you swallow quickly to mitigate the ardor? We answer, with experts, the main doubts about the hot pepper.

grados picante2De Zero to infinity, so you measure the hot

The thing goes beyond that some itch and others do not, as with the Padrón peppers. Wilbur L. Scoville, a pharmacist from the beginning of the last century, devised a scale to measure the degree of burning in the mouth caused by chilli, chilli and other rebeldones peppers. In reality, the method that measures is the effect of capsaicin, the substance that causes a cayenne to enhance the flavor of a dish or ruin the whole lunch. The gradation goes from 0 to infinity. As he was the father of the invention, the units of measurement bear his name: Units of heat Scotville (SHU).

The pure capsaicin has 16 million Shu, and from there to below: the Tabasco Pepper has 50,000 Shu, as well as Cayenne, and far below the Padrón pepper. In the hot positions of the list is the Spanish Naga (1,086,844 SHU) A species that comes from India and whose cultivation, which is produced in Spain, began the English.

Pepper sprays make the chilli more pungent. No less than 5.3 million SHU or, which is the same, a third of its formula is pure capsaicin. The European authorities maintain that their irritating power is greater than that of tear gas and, as the Civil Guard states, only a few are authorized in Spain.

aliviar picante3Ni water or beer: if you strain a cayenne, drink milk

Are you the one who swallows a chili pepper and then drink to the water of the vases? Error. Do as the Indians and have a glass of cow's milk or drinkable yogurt, also of cow. or sheep. or donkey; Come on, animal origin. The American Chemical Society explains that the key is in casein, a protein characteristic of dairy animals capable of disintegrating capsaicin. A piece of bread will also help, due to its non-polar molecular structure, analogous to that of capsaicin. Another option is to get out of the table to the toilet and gargle.

wasabi 4Por What some itch in the mouth and gold in the nose

In a Mexican restaurant go prepared to burn your mouth for a longer or less prolonged. In a Japanese, instead, you will feel congestion in the nose as soon as you leave the wasabi hands. a rush of itching that may even tear some tears, but very fleeting. What's the difference? Once again, the answer is in chemistry.

The chiles already know that they are loaded with capsaicin, which is entrenched in the mouth, whereas the hot active of the Japanese green paste is the isocyanate of allyl, a sulfur compound which, according to the magazine Niponica, edited by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Japanese, "has a pungent taste that stimulates the nostrils, attenuates the smell of the fish and highlights the flavor."

This compound is also present in the mustard kernels, radishes and broccoli. If it is a little perceptive it will have been figured that the wasabi is not on the scale of Scoville because it does not produce burning

That yes, both capsaicin and allyl isocyanate irritate the mucous membranes. These to defend themselves generate snot at full speed. Some lines of research point to the use of capsaicin against rhinitis, but its efficacy is not sufficiently contrasted.

wasabi5the wasabi that takes on the JAP below is false

The wasabi Feten, delicacy of emperors and pride of the country of the Rising Sun, is obtained from a plant originating in Japan called Wasabia japonica. And what you eat is the underground stalk. That if you go to an exquisite restaurant. If it is of the heap may be straining a substitute extracted from the rustic Harmony, which in Román Paladin does not go beyond being a horseradish.

hambre picante6

One of the properties that is often added to the hot — not to be passed — is that it moderates greediness. It is not for launching rockets, but something is something: a high ranch in capsaicin will not alter its feeling of satiety, although it does slightly reduce the secretion of ghrelin (the hormone of hunger). Other studies attributed moderately slimming properties due to its thermogenic action (Vamos, which elevates body temperature). Allyl isocyanate — The pungent agent of wasabi or mustard — instead has antibacterial qualities, as has been proven in numerous studies. That's why the ancient Japanese used it to conserve food.

el pimiento que mas pica7Carolina Reaper, the most piquant of 2018

The human being is able to organize contests canines, competitions to see the most beautiful orchid and left to cook the largest paella in the world. Do not tear the garments when you know that there is a ranking of picantones peppers and that is reviewed each year (depending on the weather are more or less scorching). This 2018 the title of more killer Pepper is carried by the Carolina Reaper, with its 2.2 million SHU peak. To make an idea: 200 times hotter than jalapenos. What about Padrón? Do not complain again if you get one rebellious: only reach 2,500 SHU.

And speaking of competitions, the challenge of recording despanzurrándose a pot of boiling water on the head or jumping from a car in progress, another milestone is joined that shows that the nickname of Sapiens after Homo the same is overrated: the PepperHead Challenge. You have already found out: ingest a clean morsel of a Carolina Reaper pepper and record yourself during the later agony. The prize is a T-shirt and world famous in the Youtube universe.

picante salud 8 "difficulty breathing and even cardiac arrest" if you ingest a dry stick

Is it possible to take an ultrahot pepper to Palo Seco? By proxy, you can. The artificers of the idea point out "intense burning sensation in the mouth, throat, stomach or ears". By the way, as one who does not want the thing drop that can also "cause difficulty breathing or cardiac arrest."

Usually, after bad weather, the effects on the gastric mucosa do not go beyond the same abrasion that would cause an aspirin. Do not come up: there are already cases of esophageal perforations, a life-threatening situation. In particular, a 47-year-old male, admitted to a hospital in San Francisco with severe abdominal pain and vomiting as the child of The Exorcist. "The patient had to be intubated and moved from an emergency to the operating room, where a 2.5-centimeter perforation was observed in the esophagus," says the medical section published in the Journal of emergency Medicine. It took him 23 days to discharge him. And all by sink the tooth to a phantom pepper (one million SHU).

tos picante9Según How much you cough after inhaling you will know the status of your bronchi

While some ingest untold piquant, there is proven medical evidence consisting of inhaling a certain amount of capsaicin (from 0.49 to 500 micrograms) in a controlled manner. With what perverse end? While you cough like a condemned man, your pulmonologist checks the status of your bronchi. Between two and five coughs means there's no bronchoconstriction. Come on, you're like a rose, even if you come out of the watery consultation and snivelling.