Nine food Proverbs denied by science


The Spanish proverbs has more than a hundred sentences and, among them, many talk about our food: the quantities that we must consume of each food, with what (and with what not) we should mix them, when we should eat them... Doctors and nutritionists value these popular sayings and tell us what is true about them.

refranes2 "Breakfast as a king, lunch as a prince and dine like a beggar"

This saying gives wide manga to eat minestrone in the buffet of any hotel (and already has guasa in a country where he usually leave home with a coffee drunk and little else) and, however, is not endorsed by any scientific theory.

The nutritionist Daniel Ursúa already dismantled it in BuenaVida: "For some time we have been instilled for breakfast. As its name suggests, it is the ingestion that breaks the fast. After having been hours without eating for sleep, our body needs energy. It's common sense, but there's no evidence of that. This food is just as important as any other, and it is equally relevant to choose either food at breakfast, snack or dinner. Even if we wake up without hunger it is preferable not to have breakfast to opt for inappropriate products just to cover the file. "

refranes3 "Eat, child, and grow; Drink, old man, and you will live. "

A balanced nutrition in the Churumbeles gives adults profit. Nobody's arguing about this. But that alcohol serves to reach a hundred years is not at all like that. The glass of wine a day is not beneficial and does not work for everyone.

Miguel Ángel Martínez-González, professor of preventive medicine and public health at the University of Navarra, makes it clear: "In principle, it is people who eat fairly well and are healthy. They almost never consume distillates, get drunk, drink too much alcohol a day, but only eat food. " The apparent benefits of this custom are due to polyphenols (which have anti-inflammatory properties) that brings wine. But this substance can be obtained from many other healthier foods. Science has already made it clear: alcohol, the less, the better.

refranes 4 "bread and wine, walk the Road"

Nothing to object to the bread: rich in carbohydrates that will transform into glycogen, the fuel par excellence for the organism. A bagel provides about 80 calories, group B vitamins and 8 grams of fiber for every 100 grams of bread, as long as it is integral. According to the composition, it will contribute more or less salt, that although we should maintain its controlled intake (5 grams per day, according to the World Health Organization), can help us when we do sport with a lot of heat: "hyponatremia is a big problem in sports of Resistance. It arises when the blood sodium drops below 135 mmol/Liter in blood and the symptoms are headache, nausea, confusion, discomfort, even pulmonary edema, cerebral edema, coma and death ", the nutritionist Belén Rodríguez Doñae, Dietitian-nutritionist and director of the Nutrition Training and counseling company for athletes your health manager.

The wine, on the other hand, there's no place to catch it. "Alcohol accelerates dehydration," explains Sanus Vitae's Andrea. The American College of Sports Medicine recalls that Etílicas beverages also interfere with the activity of the central nervous system by compromising motor skills, coordination, balance and decision-making.

refranes5 "eating garlic and drinking wine is not nonsense"

You have to see what enjoys the Proverbs patriotic with the grape juice. And we have already seen that their consumption must be more than moderate. As for the garlic, this Hispanic culinary jewel that so little liked Victoria Beckham, is a treasure rich in sulfur components, vitamins of group B, magnesium and zinc. Several studies attribute cardiovascular disease prevention properties (blood pressure normalization, blood triglyceride reduction, and reduced risk of arteriosclerosis), as well as some bacterial action due to The allicin. There are even research that says that garlic-eating males distill an irresistible body odor for females.

Nor are all advantages: the breath of garlic in addition to frightening the vampires, usually give creepy to much of the mortals. Monica Belucci or Silvio Berlusconi have already banished him from his diet to not sing the well. If you are going to work at distances cut, moderate the garlic.

refranes6 "To eat is to be done in silence, as the friars in their convents"

Neither nutritional asceticism nor bustle with full lanes. Juana m ª González Prada, dietitian-nutritionist and technical director of Alimmenta, warns that "eating quietly and even in solitude does not mean that we concentrate on the taste, smell or texture of food. Rather we are abstracted in the events of the day, obligations, plans or concerns, without disconnecting from the daily routine. "

It is not that for lunch of chitchat is going to eat less, but "we eat slower," he says. Although it clarifies: "The amount depends on the ration and not so much of the speed to which we eat."

In what does give the reason to the silent ascetics is that the process of chewing gains a lot. "the talking process puts ventilated air in play to produce sound and this interferes with swallowing. It is more appropriate to speak with your mouth empty and eat when we do not talk. " But it recognizes that the pleasure of sharing table, tablecloth and chat is also good. "A friendly environment will make us enjoy more of our food."

refranes7 "Over the milk nothing casts"

According to this rule, everyone who assaults the hotel breakfast buffet and mixes fruit with the cut should be dead, dying or decimated. And it's not that big a deal. The dietitian-nutritionist of Alimmenta dismantles this ancestral myth: "that bad reputation rests on the idea that the milk is cut in the stomach or that the fruit cuts the milk. Neither of these two claims is maintained at the physiological level: the PH of the stomach is acid, more acidic than vinegar, and it remains acid still full of food. But one-third of the population has a certain level of milk intolerance. Symptoms are swelling, acidity or heaviness. This fact can support the affirmation that when you drink milk, do not mix it with anything else because worse will sit. "

refranes8 "The orange in the morning is gold, in the evening silver and at night kills"

Is it really so bad to have fruit at dinner? Gonzalez is blunt: it's another myth. Although careful if you suffer from reflux, gastritis or hiatus hernia, alert this expert, as it may increase symptoms.

Are you going to lie down for dinner? Perhaps the high fiber content of the orange lengthen a little digestion, but it is an orange, not a whole RAM. Don't blame this citrus on your nightmares. "if there are no contraindications, the dessert fruit is perfect. Helps to satiate and provides fiber, antioxidants and vitamins to ensure proper health. Even at dinner. "

refranes9 "Sour orange fasting, safe health"

There is a perverse relationship between taking ungrateful food to the palate as soon as we get up and the belief that we do a lot of good. and neither sour orange nor the legendary dry-stick lemon juice are as miraculous as the bad drink could augur. "It is not proven that lemon juice has intrinsic slimming properties, and its fiber content is not greater than that of many other fruits or vegetables. Perhaps its effectiveness to lose weight comes conditioned by the substitution of the intake of a standard breakfast by lemon juice, which has a low caloric intake, "explained to BuenaVida Francisco José García Fernández, specialist of the Spanish foundation of the apparatus Digestive (FEAD) at the university Hospital Virgen del Rocío (Sevilla).

refranes 10 "Milk and honey, make the child Doncel"

Accepted milk, for that of proteins and calcium, so necessary for growth, although they are not the only sources of these nutrients. As for the nectar of bees, with nuances. It is true that children are authentic energy crushers (in relation to their weight) and honey contributes many sugars, at the rate of 320 kcal/100 grams. But if we look for the kid to grow up and not wide, honey should be little less than anecdotal in his diet.

Will you be immunized against cold-guilty germs as you enter school age? Well no: Moqueará the same, but maybe cough less. "Honey does not have a decongestant effect on theAirways. It is true that in dry cough of irritating character decreases the reflection of the cough, although the mechanism by which affects this reflection is not well known, "says Maria del Carmen Seijo, member of the Department of Plant Biology in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Vigo.