No one likes diets, but everyone wants to lose weight (and make it quick)

No one likes diets, but everyone does them once in life — or at least try — it's like quitting, going to the gym every day or waking up when the alarm clock rings: a yearning. Talking about diets becomes fundamental when the year begins or the sun lurks, so Google experiences a wonderful storm of consultations every time we feel bad and try to lose weight in one morning. In one or two: "2-day diets".

Yes, what we want to know are the "types of diets" that are "for slimming" or "to lose weight and volume", but that are "healthy" or "healthy", "fast" and "effective". Nor do we like to think much the best option to make it effective is to ask Google "recipes for Diets" and "diet menus" directly.

But eye, not everyone wants the same thing, that's why some people are looking for "fattening diets", "diets for children", "protein diets", "vegan diets", "low calorie diets", "diets for Athletes" or "weekly diets". There are even those who believe as Paloma Gil that has come the end of them and consult his book: The end of diets.

The diet of...

There are many diets and we are interested in all: the Dukan, the soft diet, the ketogenic, the pineapple, the Mediterranean, the dissociated, a balanced, cholesterol, Paleo, vegetarian, Perricone, longevity, keto, military, egg, BARF , and the one with the coolest name: the coherent diet.

Whatever it is, what we're looking for is for God to come down and see us, so we're looking for: "Miracle diets".