Operation Hangover: 8 foods that are worth more than an aspirin


Headache, nausea, fatigue, dog humor? If you drank more of the bill last night you may be suffering from what is popularly known as a hangover, or what scientists call "Veisalgia" (from the Norwegian "Kveis", something like "uneasiness after Intemperateness", and the Greek ending "Algia", which It means "pain"). Normal, the next day, is to record desperately the refrigerator and cupboards in the kitchen looking for something — no matter what, solid, liquid, animal or vegetable — to alleviate our discomfort. are there foods that can help us in such a painful trance? The answer is yes.

It's No coincidence that we find ourselves so dusty. According to a study by the University of California, in San Francisco (USA), the excessive consumption of alcohol causes dehydration, hormonal alterations and the cytosine (the proteins responsible for intercellular communication), not Talk about the toxic effects of alcohol in the blood. Knowing the damage, we know what needs to be repaired. It is proven that certain foods, because of their content in vitamins, minerals, amino acids or sugars, can mitigate our agony. The best, those who do not do much work to the liver (enough has the poor). Fried and strong stews, better for another day.


Let's start with an instant "cure": a glass of milk. He probably undermine his party reputation, but no one has to know. "It is rich in calcium and tends to soothe the gastritis caused by alcohol. It also contains cysteine, an amino acid that digests the acetaldehyde produced when the body tries to process the ingested alcohol, says Izaskun Arraras de María, from the official College of dietitians-nutritionists of Navarre (CODINNA). A natural yogurt also serves. "It's rich in vitamin B5," he adds. Any contribution of vitamins and minerals is welcome in these cases.


A simple delicacy, tasty, nutritious and staunch enemy of alcoholic malaise. A study by the Jeju National University (Korea) ruled that the amino acids and minerals in asparagus can calm the hangover and protect the liver cells from toxins. This lanky outbreak (white or Triguero) has, in addition, properties against fungi, diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

resaca Bacon 4Sándwich

Are you ready to party? Hair fixative, clean clothes, perfume, aspirin... bacon? No need to go out with him, but try to have provisions in the fridge: you will be very helpful the dreaded tomorrow of the day after. The classic bacon sandwich, warm and juicy, he is a good ally against the hangover, according to a study by the University of Newcastle (UK): The bread is rich in carbohydrates and the bacon goes to the top of proteins, which break down into amino acids and make us feel better.


Potassium source. Why is it so necessary? " Alcohol dehydrated us, because it inhibits a hormone in charge of the reserve of fluids in our body, "explains Moisés Robledo, family doctor and secretary of information of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG). Thus, it decreases the amount of potassium in blood, which can be replenished with this delicious fruit, rich, also, in vitamin B6.

resacaTomato 6Zumo

The typical bloody Mary (vodka cocktail and tomato juice) of the following day is based... if we remove the alcohol. The fruit juice (rich in simple sugars) combats hypoglycemia (lowering of sugar) that involves the hangover, contributes to hydrate and contains lycopene, a component with multiple benefits, including the anti-inflammatory. The suppression of vodka makes sense. "We can not fight a waste problem in the organism generating more waste", ditch Moses Robledo.


It was time to stick a good egg-based breakfast, right? Well, today is the day. Among its many benefits is the fact that they are loaded with vitamins B: B2, B6, B12... The B6, in particular, plays an essential role in our recovery, according to the study of the University of California cited above. And if it were not enough, they are rich in cysteine, an effective amino acid against toxins.


"He's rich in alpha-ketoglutarate," says Mary's dietitian Izaskun Arraras, "an enzyme that can also help minimize hangover symptoms." It is vasodilatory, promotes the correct blood irrigation of the tissues, provides oxygen and eliminates toxins. If you don't have a steak on hand, be content with a can. Another suitable fish to weather better the storm is the salmon, excellent supplier of vitamins group B.

resacaOrange 9Zumo

We're dehydrated, so the more fluids we drink, the better. Make an effort to move, cut some oranges and connect the squeezer: The citrus juice will be wonderful. If you eat breakfast outside, ask for it at the bar. "Because of its high content of vitamin C and fructose it helps the liver to metabolize alcohol," says the nutritionist.