Ten infallible formulas to train vitality

Feeling fulfilled is a goal of anyone and to achieve it is essential an ingredient: vitality. The good news is that it is at your fingertips, it can be empowered and trained. The Vitality Space of ZESPRI® offers, at a click, tools to achieve it. Designed by experts in physical exercise, nutrition, psychology and personal communication, it is a dynamic meeting point for improving vital habits. The first thing that the specialists propose is to know at what point you are with a test: what is your level of vitality? From there, they offer you a plan to train and upload note.

1. Motivation is learned.

Proactivity and positive relationships with others are an emotional strength. Entrenándolas can become an attitude. And the first thing you need is an impulse to help you maintain vitality when everything is against you.

-Tomás Navarro, psychologist: "The impulse moves you to give an adequate answer to what happens to you in the day to day".

2. Every day is full of opportunities.

To take advantage of them you have to focus on a goal and move on to action. The experts propose an exercise: visualize in 10 years and think about what you would have to change to become as you imagine. It is not a question of dreaming, but of designing the way to the goal and enjoying the journey. Being clear to where you're headed will make you feel motivated.

-Nacho Coller, psychologist: "To get your dreams plan how to get to them."

3. How to adapt to changes.

The new scenarios, and above all the problems, have to be addressed. If you have a solution, put it on. On the other hand, it should be put in a fair dimension: not everything is equally important. Finally, there are things that are not under your control and solving them is not up to you. In addition, it is key to nurture vitality so that problems do not exhaust you. Zespri Green Kiwis have, among other nutrients, vitamin C, which reduces fatigue and tiredness.

-Tomas Navarro: "Solve your problems, and your vitality will multiply."

4. Work is done.

The work activity can be a sponge that sucks all the energy and even harms the health or a space where to deploy all the capacities. Your choice is the second, and for this it is important to organize and, above all, not to delay the activities. We must tackle the pending issues because the energy level is limited and it is better to manage it well.

-Tomás Navarro: "It's time to take care of things, not worry."

Diez fórmulas infalibles para entrenar la vitalidadMagnify photo

5. Take advantage of free time.

One week has 280 hours and the work occupies 40, 15% of the total. There is time to enjoy many other things that life offers you. Doing so is an extraordinary resource to fuel optimism and positive relationships with others. Joy-producing activities have been shown to be a vital lubricant because they activate longevity-related neurotransmitters.

-Patricia Ramírez, psychologist: "Feeling good will make you more attentive and make good decisions."

6. Social life: Go out and get it.

You have to be proactive. Your friends can introduce you to more friends. Now we also have new tools such as social networks that facilitate contact with people who share interests: books, travel, hiking... Experts recommend a golden rule: do not reject invitations because you never know where you can find very interesting people who can contribute to your personal growth and vitality.

-Teresa Baró, communicative skills Consultant: "Organize your activities and do not wait for others to call you."

7. The importance of feeling accepted.

It is important to know what energy you are infecting because you receive what you give. Experts argue that thinking about making others happy is a good investment and is a way to cultivate vitality. There are small actions that have great power (smiling, greeting neighbors, praising others) because they transform those who practice them.

-Teresa Baró: "Emotions are spread more easily than any disease".

Diez fórmulas infalibles para entrenar la vitalidad

8. Take care of the shopping basket.

It must be made up of raw materials, i.e. foods that have one or two ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds or legumes. Ideal in food is a formula with two elements: products with the right nutrients and, at the same time, tasty, because eating is a pleasure. There are fruits, like the Kiwis Zespri®, that remind you. They are a formidable snack, very easy to take to work or to take at home. They fit in any type of recipe and can be fried, crushed or combined with meat or fish.

-Mireia Porta, nutritionist: "Taking fruit is good for health and to have a lot of vitality".

9. Sleep on a loose leg.

Do you have a fresh mind when you get up? The vitality depends on having had a repair sleep because the body passes the ITV during the night, it is reset. If you have difficulty falling asleep, it will be good to practice some muscle relaxation techniques before you go to bed. Having good rest-related habits (always going to bed at the same time, early dining, etc.) also helps.

-Patricia Ramírez: "If you want to feel vital during the day, do not ningunees hours to sleep."

10. My body, my sanctuary.

Physical activity is essential to keep vitality to a maximum. There are some tricks to turn it into a habit and persevere. One of them is to do group training because you will demand more. It is also very important to plan your workouts to improve results, and monitor workouts because progress motivates you. The exercise hand is a nutrient-rich diet. It is key to replenish what the body spends on physical activity. The Kiwi ZESPRI® is located at the head of all fruits in nutritional value.

-Sara Carmona, sports coach : "Check out new goals, get out of your comfort zone."

-Estefanía Fernandez, sports nutritionist: "Well nourishing is key to rendering the utmost in sports activity."