The amazing physical change of Alberto Chicoe

Alberto Chicoe has reappeared this weekend on television to talk about his new program, are you going to eat it?, of the sixth, but it was the chef himself who has grabbed all the attention of the viewers because of his amazing physical change. Chicoe arrived last Sunday to the program of Cristina Pardo, Liara Pardo, with 31 kilos less. "Where did the other half of the boy stay?" joked the presenter. "She stayed home, cooking. [...] I have simply learned to take a healthier diet and exercise, "replied the Nightmare presenter in the kitchen or Top Chef, aged 49.

The cook's weight loss is no coincidence. It all started two years ago, when he decided to star in the program himself in 70 days, where he showed the cameras how he lost weight and adopted healthier habits. "I did not exercise; He didn't have constant exercise habits. It happens to many: if I have no time, I will not rise, today I do not want... But when you have to do it every day, you see that it is only a matter of getting ", he said then to the country in the presentation of the format.

Now, Chicoe recognizes that, although not so intensely, he has tried to pursue sports and healthy habits in his diet. The latter is the topic in its next program, which opens on Wednesday and whose objective is to denounce cases of fraud and injustices related to food.

This new format, where the chef will assume the role of reporter and Vigilante, includes from public hospitals where the food that is given to patients leaves a lot to be desired or that includes products that should not take to illegal caterings through the Labelling and improper treatment of fish. "There's been someone who's told me ' if you get into this, I'm going to get you. ' But I do not care, "said Chicoe to this newspaper in September, in the FesTVal of Vitoria.

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