The benefits of wholemeal bread, for those who can afford it

More than a dozen associations and colleges of physicians and dietitians-nutritionists from Spain publish a report asking the government to change the vat of whole and fiber breads from 10% to 4% (a reduced rate that already have other less healthy options elab Pray with refined flours.

"The unification of the VAT rates of 4% is requested, except for those that incorporate sugars and fats of any origin except the case of olive oil, which is part of some traditional Spanish breads and has also demonstrated its good Nutritional qualities ", it is the text in which they add that this" would imply a significant improvement in the purchasing capacity of breads with high nutritional interest".

In the document, entitled Fiscal Policy in the pan: The Spanish Paradox, experts express their uncertainty about the fact that a healthier product has a higher tax and consequently less accessible to all sectors of the population . Especially in a country where the socio-economic gap "is more pronounced than in the rest of the European Union," they point out and point out that 22% of the population lives at risk of poverty.

Just one day ago, Oxfam Intermon's NGO published a study revealing that the poorest Spaniards live several years less than the wealthiest (in Barcelona, for example, 11 and Madrid, seven). One of the main reasons for this is that families with lower purchasing levels have worse health habits, including: a worse diet.

Unlike refined flours (which is an ingredient processed and, therefore, less healthy) with which the white bread Bar is made, the consumption of whole grains (including bread) is associated with a reduction of between 20% and 30% of the risk of suffering Chronic noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes or cancer, which account for 91% of deaths in Spain, according to the report.

With these data in mind, the entities that sign the report consider that a reduction in vat of whole-wheat bread could not only help to improve the food habits and the health of the population, but in turn would reduce the health cost to Reduce the likelihood of chronic noncommunicable diseases.

Other foods in the same situation

Wholemeal bread is not the only healthy food in this situation: other foods such as whole-grain pasta, extra-virgin olive oil or yogurt also have a vat of 10%. For this reason, experts consider it important to "thoroughly revise the tax policy in relation to food in Spain with a focus on public health guidelines to improve the health of Spaniards in terms of scientific evidence".