The best kept secret of the vegans

The alarm clock is ringing. Your son drags his feet down the hallway, walks into the kitchen ungreeted, opens the cereal shelf, pours it into a bowl of milk... And he starts to eat his daily ration of peas. It is a refined prediction of what is about to occur, when the flour of this legume is used massively to enrich products of low nutritional quality, under a project that is taking place, among other entities, the Institute International Grain Canada.

The industry is lacking vegetable proteins like may water. To the fever by the macronutrient that regenerates the muscle mass and reinforces bones and teeth, the deep conviction joins – at last – that our dishes have to be less carnivorous. To alternative sources such as canola, oats or soybeans, the pea protein is added, whose production is going to quadruple in the next six years, according to the specialized magazine Asia Pacific Food Industry.

You have to file, yes, some fringe: "tastes too much pea depending on what you mix. We need to work on a better application, "said Paulette Lanzoff, technical director of synergy flavors. Currently, its protein is already replacing the soy in the elaboration of vegan products (to supplement the abandonment of the meat). "We see it, above all, in vegetable drinks, since you get a much more interesting texture," compares Chiara Gai, director of innovation at the Barcelona Superior School of Hospitality.

According to Asia Pacific Industry, its yellow variety (Pisum sativum) is also much easier to cultivate and allows a more efficient use of water than soy. "Pea flour is rich in dietary fiber, water-soluble vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. And it has no gluten, unlike wheat, so it is beneficial for intolerant and celiac, "illustrates Beatriz Beltrán, PhD in nutrition and professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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