This is Mark Wahlberg's unhinged training plan

For several months, actor Zac Efron went to bed at nine o'clock in the evening to get up at five in the morning and put to training. Chris Pratt, the protagonist of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, spent six months without tasting or drop of beer. And Hafthór Björnsson, the mountain in Game of Thrones, breakfasts eight eggs every day to keep their muscles. There is also the case of Chris Hemsworth, who has followed a vegan diet to see if his muscles can be maintained without animal protein. The sacrifices that Hollywood actors make for taking their physical status to the fullest level are not something new. However, the training plan of Mark Wahlberg (USA, 1971), Hollywood's best-paid actor in 2017, turns his teammates ' efforts into a joke.

He wakes up at 2.30 in the morning to pray (at 2:45), have breakfast (at 3:15) and train at 3:40. When most continue to give mamporros to the alarm clock from the bed, Wahlberg goes for his third lunch

At 47 years old, the protagonist of films like Boogie nights, Transformers , the last gentleman or Ted (that of the Rude teddy bear), wakes at two thirty in the morning by his own will to pray (at 2:45), to have breakfast (at 3:15 ) and train at 3:40 a.m. When the majority continues to mamporros the alarm clock from the bed, Wahlberg goes for his third lunch, has trained, has played golf for half an hour, has prayed and is preparing to do his rehab session in the cryogenic sauna. "In prison I understood that the only way I would succeed would be by working hard and doing the right thing," he explained to Mens Health. Yes, Wahlberg was in jail at his delinquent stage when he was a troubled teenager. He was a gangster who took things for the brave. One day, he hit two people with a bat to steal a box of beer. Yes, he drank too. A lot. Now everything has changed.

The question is: is Wahlberg's plan crazy? The nutrition expert Álvaro Sánchez answers: "The first thing to keep in mind is that training should not condition or mark the rhythm of life. Backwards, it must adapt and be integrated into the day-to-day. " Apart from the difficulties of maintaining a rhythm of life opposed to the rest of the people with whom you live and work, train and eat at hours that the body should be sleeping breaks the circadian rhythm (the human biological clock that regulates the fun Physiological conditions of the organism to follow a regular cycle that is repeated every 24 hours, and that coincides with the states of sleep and wakefulness) and this has consequences. "You have to study every case, but basing your life on training like this, with unnatural schedules, is untenable. It can generate sleep disorders and fatigue, "warns sports nutrition specialist Paula Beira.

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Although the actor has just published his workout routine in detail, the level of sacrifice it implies makes his ten million followers of Instagram think twice before trying to imitate him. "I'm always ready to work ten times, a hundred times more than the rest of the professionals in the filming. And I'm always ready to propose ideas, but also to do exactly what the director tells me to do, "says Wahlberg.

In 2001 the actor began his relationship with the model Rhea Durham (1978, USA). With her she married in a discreet ceremony in 2009 and have had four children: Ella Rae, aged 15; Michael, 12 years old; Brendan Joseph, 10, and Grace Margaret, age 8. His partner and his offspring have made a hole in his busy training plan, specifically at 11:00 and 17:30, which is the time that the actor saves to spend with family.

This is the day in the life of Mark Wahlberg:

2:30 in the morning. Wake up
2:45 Praying
3:15 Breakfast
3:40 – 5:15 Workouts
5:30 Lunch Posttraining
6:00 showering
7:30 Golf
8:00 Snack
9:30 Recovery in cryogenic sauna
10:30 Snack
11:00 time with the family; Meetings/Work calls
13:00 Food
14:00 meetings; Work calls
15:00 pick up children from school
15:30 Snack
16:00 Second Training
17:00 shower
17:30 Dinner/Time with family
19:30 Sleep

El actor junto a su mujer Rhea Durham y dos de los cuatro hijos que tienen en común en un parque de Los Ángeles (2010).The actor with his wife Rhea Durham and two of the four children they have in common in a park of Los Angeles (2010). Getty

Cryotherapy is a new trend very popular among athletes and celebrities that relieves muscle pain and burns 800 calories per minute exposing the body to temperatures below freezing. "It's excellent for recovery. Remove all inflammation from your body and help you sleep, "said the actor in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Wahlberg's sacrifice is not limited to getting up early or crushing in the gym, also following a rigorous diet. "Breakfast oatmeal with cranberries and peanut butter. Lunch a protein shake, three turkey burgers and five pieces of sweet potato at 5:30 in the morning, "he explains in a video he shared in Instagram.

Although his muscles are closer to a superhero than a common human, Wahlberg has compromises like anyone else and can not always meet his schedule when he rolls away from home. PageSix published a few weeks ago that a Manhattan gym, the Equinox, opened at 3:45, five minutes later which marks the strict routine of the actor, just so he could train while he was working on a filming in new York.

For now, there are only three brave men who have joined the crazy routine of Wahlberg: their coaches Brian Nguyen and Bo Cleary and their chef Lawrence Duran. Together they form what the actor has baptized as "the 4 O'Clock Club."