Your microbiota is going to suffer this Christmas, but you can avoid it with these tips

Christmasis coming, a hard test for your microbiota. Turrones, Polvorones, the classic Roscón, toast and drinks of more... Bad companies if you want to preserve the diversity of your bacterial flora (the billions of bacteria that populate the human intestine). The stress of family reunions and the rush to get all the gifts ready, at the last minute, they don't help either. But not everything is lost.

It is possible to take care of the diet without depriving itself of (almost) nothing, and it is worth trying; Intestinal bacteria will appreciate the effort with an iron health.

If you're going to toast, make it red

It is recommended by the researcher of the Institute of Biomedical Research of Malaga (Ibimer) María Isabel Queipo. The polyphenols that contributes this broth, "sobe if it is of Merlot grape, which is the one that more concentration has", are welcome because they are antioxidant molecules, points out the scientific one. And, according to his own research, alcohol does not harm the intestinal flora when drinking two glasses.

Queipo has compared how the microbiota reacts to moderate consumption of red wine with its reaction to the same beverage, but without alcohol, and has found no differences. His work shows that alcohol does not dwindled the diversity of bacteria in the intestine in either case, despite being a toxic substance for both people and bacteria. In any case, alcohol, the less, the better (even that a glass of wine a day is good, only applies to some people).

The investigator can't say the same thing about high-prom drinks. His study counted on a third group of volunteers, who changed the red wine by the gin. Your microbiota paid the consequences. "That is a very destructive cup for our intestinal bacteria in a very short time," says Queipo, who estimates that in a week sweeps the population of intestinal bacteria.

Your bacteria love that you dance, and they hate that you stress

The truth is that no one has studied the relationship of dance and the health of the microbiota in particular, but that does not mean I can not help. An investigation published last year observed that moving from a sedentary life to an active potency the production of Butyrate, one of the key compounds that the intestinal flora produces when it feeds on fiber.

For those who do not exercise, it is a good time to start; Who already has the habit, should not doubt that their bacteria will regret that stop doing it during the holidays; The one who thinks it is something inappropriate of the parties, is wrong: it is a tradition, to dance to burst.

In addition, exercise can be a good way to get rid of the anxiety that family gatherings and last-minute Christmas shopping can generate. Scientists have observed that the chronic stress of their mice induces the appearance of bacterial profiles similar to those of their fellows who followed a diet rich in fat, especially among females. Yes, stress is fattening, and who wants to fatten up at Christmas?

Less buttered and more chocolate but of the good

According to Queipo, it's an ideal dessert. But you have to know how to choose it. "If it is black it is probiotic and has polyphenols," he explains. Intestinal flora degrades these antioxidant molecules and produces byproducts that improve cardiovascular health, which decrease insulin resistance and regulate body weight, among other benefits.

Christmas candies, on the other, favor a diet with excess sugar and fat, the main factors to avoid and those that best define the table of these parties. Avoiding them can become a challenge, but it is not necessary to completely eliminate the turrones, pastries and roasts typical of the festivities. It is enough to be measured.

On the one hand, "intestinal microbiota is quite stable in adulthood and will probably be affected in a transient way. If past the holidays we have a healthy diet, will recover its usual composition, "says the researcher of the group of Microbiota, food and health of the CSIC Miguel Gueimonde. On the other, you can always keep the polvorones, nougat and lards between the feasts of Christmas and Kings...

Don't miss the fiber

When you sit at the table, you don't eat alone for yourself. It also feeds the hundreds of species of microorganisms that reside in the digestive system. Give them the wrong mana and begin to produce harmful substances for health, hit the menu and water your organism of beneficial molecules. Take advantage of your work and offer fiber to your most beneficial bacteria.

"Carbohydrates present in the fiber produce a more fermentation metabolism, which leads to the production of short chain fatty acids," explains Gueimonde. These include butyric acid, "which has been reported as an anti-tumour effect and benefits in terms of cardiovascular risk," he says.

Other acids of this type, such as acetic acid, contribute to acidify the intestinal environment, which enhances the effect of microbiota as a barrier against infections. It is a very timely aid during the winter, a season that we all know to be a field fertilized for colds and flu.

eating a lot of fiber during the holidays seems difficult, but it is not. There is always some fruit at hand, and any Christmas table should have one or several seasonal vegetables such as spinach, chard, grelos and cabbage Lombrada, which also serves to make watercolor.

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