Discover more than 300 dinosaur footprints in China

Drafting – Numerous dinosaur footprints from the Cretaceous Period were found on June 17 in eastern China by Chinese, Australian and American experts, says a report published in the journal Cretaceous Research.

In Shandong Tanchen have been found in total 300 traces belonging to at least seven different varieties of dinosaurs, both carnivores and herbivores. They measure from 50 centimeters to 10 meters long.

The most notable are small footprints that run in parallel left by a type of dinosaur called Deinonicosaurios, which was about a meter long and ran at a speed of 9 km/hour.

But the really unique, according to Xing Lida, researcher and professor at the Chinese University of Geosciences, is that the footprints in parallel is a characteristic of gregarious animals (ie, those who follow a tendency to group in Herds, schools or colonies). This is the first time this type of footprints are found in this kind of animals.

Among the seven species that left traces of their presence, are velociraptores, well known thanks to the saga of Jurassic Park.

Also in China, in early June, the world's oldest footprints were found. These belong to a small animal that scientists believe may have been a type of arthropod, the family of animals with articulated limbs that includes insects and crustaceans or something like a worm with legs.