They find 100 million-year-old tick wrapped in cobweb and preserved in amber

Editorial BLes – an impressive discovery of approximately 100 million years came from the hands of researchers from the University of Kansas, which was reported in the journal Cretaceous Research.

A Myanmar amber-owned collector Patrick Müller is testing the fight between the Tick and a spider 100 million years ago, when-according to investigators-the tick had been wrapped by a spider to feed, when a drop of Amber fell on the wrapper, that way it has been preserved so far in excellent condition.

This is the tick wrapped in silk and trapped in amber that allegedly dripped from a nearby tree. Credit: University of Kansas.

This is a unique piece of fossilized behavior and indicates that the spiders captured the ticks during the Cretaceous... Several families of spiders occasionally eat ticks in modern ecosystems, but it is hard to tell which Spider was responsible here, "the research magazine noted.

"Ticks had already been found in Burmese amber, but it is rare to find one wrapped in spider silk. We are not sure if the spider wrapped it up to eat it later or to remove it from the road and prevent it from twisting and destroying its web. That's something spiders do, "mentioned Paul Selden, a researcher at the University of Kansas.

The researchers do not confirm which type of spider made the silk, but they do indicate that this behavior remains like that of the modern spiders.