Instagram and Facebook create an alert to control the time spent on networks

Users can set daily alarms to notify them when they take from 15 minutes to eight hours in the 'app' Facebook and Instagram will allow users to create alerts to control how much time they spend on social networks. Daily alarms can be scheduled from 15 minutes to eight hours, as announced on Wednesday Facebook in a statement. The objective of this measure, according to the company, is that "the time that people spend on Facebook and Instagram is intentional, positive and inspiring." For this, both social networks will also allow users to mute notifications for a certain time. "We have developed these tools based on collaboration with experts and leading mental health organizations, academics, internal investigations and the response we receive from our community," explains the social network. To use the new tools, the user must access the configuration page of any of the two applications. On Instagram, you must click "Your activity" and on Facebook, in "Your time on Facebook." In the upper part of the screen the time the user has spent inside the app on that device will be displayed. Just below that indicator there are several bars that indicate the time the user has used this social network every day of the week. To activate an alert, the user can set a daily reminder to notify you when you reach the maximum time you want to devote per day in that application. Both apps will also allow you to silence notifications for as long as you want. In this way, says Facebook, the user can focus on another activity: "It is our responsibility to help people understand how much time they spend on our platforms so they can better manage their experience."