These applications spy on 11 million users

The National Police requests those who have installed eight 'apps' and extensions that eliminate them "If you have downloaded any of these applications, delete them from your device, they could infect your smartphone with spyware." The National Police warns with this tweet of the danger of having installed on the mobile phone several applications that have already spied on 11 million users, according to a report by AdGuard advertising blocker. The company has detected a new spyware campaign. That is, several apps that collect all the browsing history of their users. This campaign affects users who use certain applications and those who browse through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in their versions for Android and iOS. That is, it is designed specifically to spy on Internet users through mobile phones. The applications belong to the company Big Star Labs and are the following: Block Site, Adblock Prime, Speed ​​Booster, Battery Saver, AppLock, Clean Droid, Poper Blocker and CrxMouse. All of them recognize collecting anonymous data from users. But, according to Adguard, there are many ways to easily discover a user's real identity by looking at their browsing history. These applications, according to the telecommunications portal Networks Zone, violate Google Play policies, "but they hide behind their own terms of service by collecting anonymous data." In addition, Adguard notes that it is almost impossible to track who share your data with them. The affected applications Block Site is installed on more than 100,000 devices as an Android application and has also been downloaded by almost 1.5 million users using Google Chrome and by about 120,000 using Firefox. Adblock Prime is an ad blocker for iOS and, according to the same media, the number of users who have downloaded it is unknown since Apple does not provide this information. The Android Speed ​​Booster and Battery Saver applications have five million and one million installations respectively. Both AppLock and Clean Droid apps have 500,000 users. On the other hand, the CrxMouse extension has half a million installations and Poper Blocker has been installed 2.3 million times in Google Chrome and 50,000 in Firefox.