Cloud Computing Platforms: Cloud Computing with VMware Cloud Technology, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

[Hindi] Cloud Computing Explained in Detail

All Cloud Computing Platforms are Not Equal Cloud computing offers undisputed benefits in terms of agility and cost-effectiveness. But cloud computing platforms are not commodities, with one easily substituted for another. Chances are that some of your workloads can only run on-premises and some can only run in specific proprietary clouds. Once you move a workload to a proprietary cloud, it typically requires rewriting and/or reconfigurations to move back onsite. Luckily you don’t need to re-architect for different public cloud infrastructures. VMware cloud computing services let you run both new and legacy applications in the cloud. You get the best of both worlds: leverage your existing investments while still gaining the agility and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud.

Cloud Technology for New and Legacy Applications

If your existing infrastructure is built on VMware vSphere, used by more than 80% of businesses worldwide, you can take advantage of a true hybrid cloud solution and extend your data center to the cloud quickly, easily and confidently. Because VMware vCloud Air is built on vSphere, your onsite and offsite IT environments can be connected and integrated, running existing and new applications in exactly the same way. You can get the same performance, security and compliance as you do from your current VMware infrastructure with the same agility, automation and standardization available in the cloud.

Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

The software-defined data center (SDDC) gives you the basis for building a private, public or hybrid cloud for delivering IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). The SDDC architecture gives you a common management, orchestration, networking and security model across on-premises and off-premises environments.

Build a vSphere-based private cloud on premises with vCloud Suite.

Extend your vSphere-based data center to a public cloud with VMware vCloud Air or through our extensive ecosystem of vCloud Air Network service providers worldwide.

Manage physical, virtual and hybrid cloud with a management solution built for heterogeneous, hybrid cloud with vRealize Suite.

Unified Management Platform

Policy-driven automation and management in a single unified management platform lets you centrally manage and monitor applications and workloads across heterogeneous infrastructure and hybrid clouds. vRealize Suite lets you increase business speed and agility while maintaining IT control and cost efficiency.

Build a Private Cloud

Leverage the software-defined data center architecture to build and run a vSphere-based private cloud. Deliver virtualized infrastructure services and highly available applications and services.

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Beyond Server Virtualization

Server virtualization slashed CapEx and OpEx costs by more than more than 50%* while expanding business agility. Now you can virtualize the rest of the data center so that all IT services become as cheap and easy to provision and manage as virtual machines. The software-defined data center architecture extends abstraction, pooling and automation to the rest of your data center resources, including compute, network and storage. You can deploy your virtualized infrastructure on any cloud infrastructure and manage it across platforms.

Private Cloud Delivers Highly Available Apps and Services

Leveraging the software-defined data center architecture, a VMware-based private cloud provides the foundation for achieving highly available applications and services with a standardized and consolidated data center. A private cloud also enables secure and compliant IT, intelligent control of IT operations, rapid application provisioning and ongoing governance.

Improve Efficiency with a Private Cloud

Virtualizing servers is just the beginning. Policy-driven operations management in a private cloud reduces costs, both OpEx and CapEx.

Server virtualization with vSphere delivers CapEx and OpEx savings of 40-60%*.

Automated operations management responds to issues before service quality is impacted, increasing utilization and IT productivity.

Capacity planning and optimization identifies idle and over-provisioned VMs so you can optimize virtual machine density, balancing cost and risk through capacity modeling.

Improve Business Agility through IT Agility

The agility of an organization is often tied to the agility of the IT infrastructure. On-demand deployment with automated resource allocation lets you respond rapidly to changing business demands, keeping business users productive and able to respond rapidly to changing business environments.

Full abstraction of compute infrastructure lets you provision applications on any hardware stack and vSphere-based private (or public) clouds.

Automated, policy-driven resource allocation matches resources to business objectives.

Self-service portal and catalog with policy-based lifecycle management reduces provisioning time for infrastructure, platform and desktop-as-a-service.

Control Cost, Availability and Placement of Apps

Deliver the highest levels of availability with the private cloud’s automated business continuity and virtualization-aware security and compliance. vCloud Suite reduces downtime of tier 1 applications by 36%.

Deliver business continuity through application-aware availability and automated fault tolerance.

Protect against threats and configuration drift through virtualization-aware security and compliance.

Move and scale workloads as needed by using a common management, orchestration, security and compliance model across vSphere-based private and public clouds.

Solve IT problems faster with rapid detection and root-cause analysis through operational analytics.

Unified Management Platform

Provision and manage workloads in your private cloud, even to other hypervisors and to non-virtualized environments, with the vRealize Suite.

Provision workloads to other hypervisors, including Microsoft HyperV and KVM.

Choose from on-site or as-a-service solutions.

Automate provisioning with policy-based lifecycle management capabilities.

vCloud Suite lets you build and run a vSphere-based private cloud. It includes:

vSphere: Compute virtualization platform

Site Recovery Manager: Automated disaster recovery

vCloud Networking and Security: Networking and security for virtualized environments

vRealize Automation: Self-service application catalog

vRealize Operations: Performance, capacity and configuration management

vCloud Director: Software-provisioning for software-defined data centers

Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

VMware vCloud Air and VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners are delivering on the promise of hybrid cloud computing, enabling you to seamlessly and securely extend your data center and applications to the cloud. With cloud services built on the trusted foundation of VMware technology, you can provision new or move existing workloads between onsite data centers or internal private clouds to the public cloud, and back again as needed, creating a true hybrid cloud. VMware provides unprecedented flexibility and choice of cloud services on a local basis with vCloud Air and through the vCloud Air Network--the world's largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware technology.

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VMware vCloud Air Overview

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The Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

When you choose cloud services from VMware and our vCloud Air Network Service Providers partners, you don't have to worry about application compatibility or service provider lock-in often associated with other commodity cloud services. You reduce both risks and costs without requiring additional management tools and infrastructure, reinventing your processes or retraining your existing workforce. The benefits of a VMware-based hybrid cloud platform include:

The ability to write, deploy and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today, relying on the underlying platform to provide the same level of security, reliability and performance you get from your current VMware infrastructure.

Administration of the entire hybrid infrastructure—data centers and public cloud together—with a "single pane of glass" management framework. Use the same tools, processes and skills you already have.

Quickly deploy workloads to the cloud with the flexibility to move them between your on-premises and off-premises environments as your requirements change.

Global availability and choice of validated cloud services through VMware or our vCloud Air Network service provider ecosystem.

Data sovereignty through local vCloud Air data centers and vCloud Air Network service providers in 102 countries.